Simple explanation of "1 billion reasons not to purchase IBM's service" by web business pros

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Computer related service giant IBM is a prestigious high-tech enterprise with many public institutions as customers, but has supported a number of IT businessesAlec KinneyHe said he would never purchase a service from IBM. Mr. Kinnare explains why you do not choose IBM as "A billion reasons never to buy IBM services (1 billion reasons not to purchase IBM service)I'm explaining with exciting titles such as.

A bill reasons never to buy IBM services

Prior to explaining the billions of reasons, Mr. Kinney looks back on the timely topic that the Canadian government who purchased a payroll system from IBM suffered a loss of over 80 billion yen. Please note that this matter has already been posted in GIGAZINE.

IBM's system that replaced human's payroll sector in its entirety and creates a loss of 82 billion yen - GIGAZINE

When providing services to public institutions, IBM "gets more rewards to fail," Kinnier said. In other words, if a problem occurs in the service it will be necessary to deal with it, but every time IBM is profitable as cost is added, it is like a "military industry", Mr. Kinnare is ridiculed.

According to Mr. Kinnar, the reason why he states that he never orders IBM for services is about "because the service is high against the consideration obtained". IBM used to have the best software and services in the world, but Kinnar pointed out that the development team has been moving overseas to reduce costs.

For example, IBMA team based in Bratislava in Slovakia (IBM Slovakia)It is said that one account manager with 10 subordinates who report directly to each department is the actual condition. In other words, Mr. Kinnar says that there are only two people in charge when the customer contacts it. Because Slovakia has a high learning level of foreign languages ​​such as English for geographical reasons, it is said to have top quality in "intermediate level service". However, it seems that there is not enough skill as an IBM customer representative who should be required professional knowledge such as software.

According to Kinnia, who once spoke to recruiters at IBM Slovakia, to be adopted as a member of IBM Slovakia, "Can you speak English?" "Can you sit down at the desk?" " Can you put it in? "Jesus talks to them that it was ok if you answered" yes "to the three questions.

In Slovakia, no technical work is done. Technical work will be sent to departments mainly in Bangalore, India. According to Mr. Kinnar, the team of the Indian team said that the replacement of technicians is very intense, and the continuity of the work of a specific project can not be seen. If you were an IBM customer, Kinnare says business data will be transferred between experts beyond different jurisdictions, concerning the risk of information leakage.

IBM's client company pays hundreds of dollars (tens of thousands of yen) development fee per hour, but IBM pays developers 4 dollars per hour (about 430 yen) and profits very effectively It is said that. "A company that asks IBM can hire engineers at a 10-times rate for software and 5 times for hardware." It seems that Mr. Kinnar does not use IBM to say "Engineers are looking for overseas cheap labor costs abroad and treated like a contractor poorly and customers are charging expensive costs".

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