Vision assistant camera "Piccolo" that can manipulate home appliances with only gestures

At homeHome automationWhen trying to proceed, you may use smart speakers such as 'Google Home' or 'Amazon Echo'. However, when you want to turn off the power of the TV, if the volume of the TV is large, it may be sometimes impossible to operate the voice with the smart speaker as it is scrambled at high volume. Vision Assistant Camera's "Piccolo"Because you can use gestures to control home appliances, it is said that there is no problem with operation even when the TV volume is high.


Piccolo is building a gesture-based smart home 'vision assistant' | TechCrunch

Piccolo is a camera type device and it is necessary to place it in a position that makes it easy for the user to check the gesture of the user as shown below.

Piccolo uses a technique called "skeletal tracking" to divide the user's body into a pink "arm", a white "head", a purple "foot", and a yellow "hand" to recognize the position of the joint I will. In addition, we also recognize the home appliances subject to operation, and the target equipment is surrounded by light blue boxes.

If the user points at the back stand light ......

The light at the back lights instantly.

Point it to the light in front ... ...

This light will also light up soon.

Sit on the sofa and point the ceiling ......

Ceiling light is off.

Hold the right hand and stick out on the TV ... ...

The animation of the dragon ball during the primary stop was played.

According to Mr. Marlon Misla and Neil Ruyna, founders of Piccolo Labs, at the time of writing the article is still at the testing stage, Piccolo can not recognize without a big gesture. However, the ultimate goal is to explain that you want to be able to control home appliances with only fine finger movements.

Because Piccolo recognizes the operation with the camera, in the future it is possible to use the information "who is operating". In other words, when operating a TV or the like, it seems that it is possible to display the channel according to the taste of the gesture user and to set the volume.

Although it seems that it will take time to commercialize, it is said that we plan to invest in Cloud Funding at the stage when productization is expected.

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