Microsoft's AI translation has reached a level that enables middle to English news translations to be performed with the same accuracy as a human translator

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Among the translation technologies using Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by Microsoft, it became clear that the level of technology to translate Chinese into English has reached the level equivalent to that of human translators . This result is confirmed after checking the contents by multiple agencies and experts.

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Achieving Human Parity on Automatic Chinese to English News Translation - Microsoft Research

Researchers belonging to Microsoft's laboratories in China and the US confirmed on March 14, 2018 that the Chinese-to-English translation system they developed has the accuracy and quality comparable to human ability We announced that it was done. Translation done by this system is often used to confirm translation qualitynewstest 2017We received the evaluation by a series of tests called "Researcher Conference" held in the autumn of 2017 "WMT 17It was announced in.

MicrosoftTranslation resultIs accurate and comparable to that of a human translator, an external translation evaluator is appointed to compare the contents of translation by AI and translation prepared separately by two translators It has been confirmed that the accuracy and translation quality of AI translation is at a level comparable to that of human beings.

At Microsoft, Xuedong Huang, a technical fellow who leads research on speech, natural language and machine translation, said about this achievement, "It has been our dream to achieve the same quality as humans in machine translation. I never even thought that it could be realized quickly, "he says that it is a major milestone in translating the most difficult linguistic processing task. Mr. Huang also said, "The pursuit of pursuing a purpose of removing language barrier and achieving better communication is wonderful, it is a fruitful thing," he says, and expectation for AI translation technology to take away large barriers I have declared.

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Efforts to increase the level of machine translation to the same level as human beings has been ongoing for decades, and its realization has been thought to be ahead. Although the technical level of translating Chinese news sentences into English was confirmed this time, on the other hand, there are also some remaining issues. Ming Zhou, who is a member of the research team, said that while it is impossible to hide the excitement of the results this time, there are still plenty of mountains to be cleared, such as real time news translation technology.

Mr. Arul Menezes, co-founder and chief of Microsoft's machine translation team, is now undertaking an effort to ensure that the team has the same quality in translating general news with more common terms It's called. According to Menezes, the technical breakthrough brought about by this research can be expected to be reflected in the quality of translation service provided by Microsoft. In the future, we will realize translations that can be read and heard more naturally in many languages, and research will be pursued aiming at realizing the same translation quality as humans for terms with complicated structures and highly specialized terms is.

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