What is the current Dubai artificial island "The World" built on the sea simulating a world map?

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In 2003, Dubai has grown as one of the most financial countries in the Middle East and has been building an artificial island resort "The World" imitating a world map. Targeting the ultra wealthy people around the world The World has not been completed until after the construction has been stopped as a result of the financial crisis of 2008.

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"The World project was an ambitious plan pursued by Dubai, a financial bubble," said The Guardian writer Oliver Wainwright. Mr. Wainwright actually landed in the area "Lebanon island" which can enter in the only place in The World, construction started from 2003 does not proceed slowly, the abandoned beer bottle rolls on landfill sandy beach The scenery of The World is felt as a lonely thing.

In the The World project, we plan to reclaim one 'island' for each country and region, as if the world map was shrunk to the sea two miles (about 3.2 kilometers) from the coast, the number of artificial islands is It has as many as 300 in total. All the artificial islands of The World are planned to be owned by the millionaire of the world individually, and purchase offers are sent to 50 potential buyers every year and it seems that they were doing a tour of the planned construction site. One price of the island ranges from 15 million dollars (about 1.6 billion yen) to 500 thousand dollars (about 5.5 billion yen) and the British millionaireRichard BransonTaking pictures on The World's British Isle, "Brad PittI bought a hot topic such as a rumor that flowers say "I bought" Ethiopia "for adoption.


Five years after the construction work to create artificial islands using 320 million cubic meters of sand and 25 million tons of rocks began in January 2008, the wave of the global financial crisis also hit Dubai I will. I was promoting The World project with government supportDubai WorldThe World's artificial island development will also temporarily stop because the financial crisis has brought about 60 billion dollars (about 6.4 trillion yen) of debt. Until now The World is floating on the sea in an incompletely shaped form that can not be thought of as imitating the world map very much, and a breakwater surrounding the huge artificial island and The World, which was completed just before the financial crisis, It just reminds me of Dubai's prosperous glory.

It was not only Dubai World that suffered the financial crisis. Safi Krassi, a businessman who purchased British Island in The World, said that he used a bad checkImprisoned, John Odrin who purchased Ireland in early 2009 made a poor businessSuicide after sufferingIt also happens that the incident happens. Customers of The World also suffered major damage due to the financial crisis, so the project itself will have dark clouds.

Mr. Wainwright's visit to Lebanon Island is the only district permitted for general access, and you can swim at the beach and eat Wagyu steak. Fashion shows, DJ parties, corporate events and others are held at other facilities that have been built, "It seems to be the last place of the enlightened world surrounded by the apocalyptic devastated world," Mr. Wainwright said in Lebanon I am talking about the impression of the island.

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However, in recent years again the vibrancy is returning to the islands of The World, and the development of artificial island is restarted. Police officer, politician, writer, real estate development company owner from AustriaYoshif KleinsteinMr. purchased six islands including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden and St. Petersburg, and he is undertaking the development of artificial islands. "I am planning to snow on artificial islands, snow may not be rare for European people, but snow is very rare for people in Dubai," said German science We are planning to develop outdoor air-conditioning technology in cooperation with the people and plan to sell the possessed islands to the wealthy people of Dubai as a resort.

Mr. Kleinest said some of the resorts under development are already having buyers, Mr. Kleinest said he was very confident in front of Wainwright. According to Kleindest, "Although wealthy people in Dubai are easy enough to buy The World, they want to be part of The World project," Mr. Wainwright said Mr. Kleinest I am thinking that I'm putting out brakes.

According to Mr. Wainwright, Mr. Kleinest claimed that "it will be held in 2020Dubai International ExpoIt is impossible to complete 4000 resort rooms by the end of the year "and it is impossible to realize a yield of 8%, which is appealing to the wealthy people of Dubai. Also, she is an American actress / singerLindsay LohanMr. Rohan also purchased Athens and Mykonos island of The World, but Mr. Rohan was also a scandal in recent years and there is no formidable momentum.

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Construction company engaged in development of The WorldBermello AjamilMr. Ajmir, the president of the company, said he was a person who brought a sense of market to the development of The World, which had been dragging the madness of the financial bubble era. "Prior to my participation in development, The World was going to sell each island to a private owner and make it a perfect private resort, but 300 people who would like to have a private resort until paying a large sum of money I knew it was not there, "Ayamir said.

Mr. Ajmir decided not to make the island one resort but to sell it as a resort section that was divided into high density and released to the public. "Antarctica" will be a huge commercial facility and we plan to construct a 7 - storey hotel as well. Mr. Ajmir invented this policy and as a result of deploying a model that the island owner can earn money by developing the island as a commercial resort, the islands of The World finally began to have buyers.

Mr. Wayne Wright answered that Mr. Ajmir said "The value will definitely decline" in response to the question that "collecting islands of islands will lower the value of The World" Mr. Ajmir says it is already planning to sell and can not change it now. Although the heritage of the bubble era is sold unfinished and the plan of development has been changed only one after another, The World is unlikely to have zero possibility of people overflowing after the development someday.

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