A book that was laid as a chopping board in ancient times is now registered as a UNESCO Memorial Heritage as a book with only four books in the world

One book of poetry written in the UK in the 10th century "Exeter book"Is the oldest one of the four manuscripts remaining in the world and is the rare book registered as UNESCO's memory heritage. Atlas Obscura introduces that the book has traces used as a substitute for "coasters" and "chopping boards" that put beer in long ago.

One of the World's Most Irreplaceable Books Was Used as a Cutting Board - Gastro Obscura

The Exeter book is around the 10th centuryOld EnglishIt is a poem collection written in. From this book poet 'sW · H · OdenYaEzra Pound, And a novel that became a movie "The ring storyAuthorTolkienWe were inspired by creative activities.

This book is2016The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)Memory of the world, So-called "memory heritage". There are also reasons for quantitative reasons that this poem collection is rare because there are only four volumes in the world, but the main reason for that is that it is a culturally rare material that can approach the "English history" It is cited.

The language "old English" spoken in the 5th and 11th centuries in the British Isles where Britain and Ireland are present has continued to change with repeated warfare. The Celts who lived from the ancient times in the Britain Islands invaded Britain Island in the 5th century, "German people who speak old English" came from near now Germany. Next, Dane, who speaks old Norse, this island, "Viking" began invading the name again. As described above, many races and languages ​​were intertwined in the British islands, French and Latin mixed with old English and repeatedly changed. And since there are no people speaking old English at the time, now there are few clues to know what words Old English was.

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With such a background, Exeter books written in Old English in the 10th century are historical rare materials to understand old English and that era. There are four manuscripts of this poetry including the Exter book in the world, and the Exter book is the oldest one among them. There are 40 poems and about 96 mysterious words written in it.

The reason that there are only four manuscripts in the world including this book is presumed that many of the manuscripts have been handled seriously and have been lost. According to Professor Emma Cary of the University of Exeter, the Exeter book is "a thing which miraculously survived", from the birth to the 10th century the book was practically used and hurt, and no one was worth it I heard that he did not notice. A scholar, W. Corner, a scholar who is studying German people said: "The text of the manuscript written by the Germanic people was probably unreadable by most people until the 13th century. The manuscript has been read for centuries It was a big cooktop that used this big book, "explains why many of the manuscripts have been treated frustratingly.

For example, the Exeter book, which is a manuscript of a manuscript, has lost the first few pages and the first page is the trace of the knife used as a cutting board. There is also a ring-like stain that seems to be a mark of a beer cup or a bottle of adhesive, and it is also confirmed that there are pages that are dirty badly.

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In such circumstances many of the manuscripts disappeared without being recognized as a "historically important book" to many people. In such a case, although it was the Exeter book which was treated also as a crush,Exeter CathedralIt is gifted to be kept attention in the 19th century by being donated to being kept and it is recognized as one valuable one of only four books in the world. This book is currently kept in the library of Exeter Cathedral and can be seen on the regular public release date that is held on a regular basis. Furthermore, of course, the criminal who has defiled this book a long time ago is not understood.

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