Gestures used by Bonobos and chimpanzees turned out to be closely resembling 90% or more

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When talking to a person who does not understand words, such as talking to a foreigner, he is trying to get communication while making full use of gestures. An ape that is considered to be close to humansBonobosWhenChimpanzeeI also use gestures extensively for communication with my colleagues. According to researchers, it is said that more than 90% of the gestures of Bonobos and chimpanzees are found to be common, and it is pointed out that the race as the ancestor of human beings may have used the same gesture I will.

Bonobo and chimpanzee gestures overlap extensively in meaning

Chimpanzees, bonobos, and even humans may share ancient body language | Science | AAAS

Gestures are commonly used in a wide range of scenes to convey something to someone. However, because grammatical rules do not exist, although it does not correspond to the language, the meaning is firmly present. Chimpanzees stroking the mouth to request food,GroomingWe will move the arm to request. And it turned out that Bonobos also do similar gestures.

York UniversityThe research team of Mr. Kirsty Graham et al. AnnouncedpaperAccording to him, he shot video of the wild Bonobo of Uganda and investigated the meaning of the gesture. And compared with the gesture of chimpanzee, it is reported that the content of about 90% was consistent.

Some of the gestures that are considered to be actually similar are introduced in the following movies.

Chimpanzees, bonobos use gestures that have the same meaning - YouTube

When Bonobo shoulder, "Grooming" and demanding more grooming is said.

In the case of chimpanzees, it seems to be a gesture meaning "Let's move together" "Follow you" "Let's climb together."

◆ Waving hands
The action that Bonobo shakes hands is used as a signal to move.

The chimpanzee 's hand waving action is also used as a signal to move.

Touch the mouth
The action that Bonobo touches the mouth means "gimme", which is usually used for requesting food.

Chimpanzees touch the mouth in the same way, we are requesting food.

◆ Show near a part of the body coming close
It seems that Bonobo does this gesture to ask "Please groom".

A chimpanzee is also an operation that also requests grooming.

Mr. Graham said, "The common gestures of Bonobo and chimpanzees are presumably thought to have been inherited from biologically common ancestry," and furthermore, "These behaviors should also be inherited by humans So, there is a possibility that humans can easily understand what the animal is seeking. "The possibility that the same gesture of the same meaning was used even by the race which is the common ancestor of these apes and humans I point out.

But,Humboldt University BerlinMr. Richard Moore questioned this research, "It is not demonstrating that Bonobo and chimpanzee understand each other 's gestures." In this study, Bonobos and chimpanzees did not mention gestures and the corresponding vocalizations to be done accordingly, and they have not arrived yet.

Mr. Graham said, "The data presented in this paper is interesting and will be the" starting line for future research ", says that, now, it is said that for human beings apes gestures, We are starting to investigate whether it shows a reaction.

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