The use of disposable straws and plastic bags is gradually prohibited

byStephanie McCabe

Since 2019, Taiwan is planning to prohibit disposable plastic drink straws in several stages in the food and beverage industry. The Environmental Protection Agency of Taiwan announced the full picture of the plan in February 2018.

Taiwan to ban single-use plastic drinking straws, plastic bags, disposable utensils entirely by 2030 | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

From 2019, in Taiwan it is prohibited to provide disposable plastic straws inside the store with fast food chains etc. In addition, free plastic straws will be banned in all eating and drinking establishments after 2020, and in 2025 they will have to pay for take-away plastic straws and will be completely disabled in 2030 I will.

Also, in 2020 it is forbidden to offer free plastic shopping bags, disposable containers, disposable items etc. widely used in Taiwan at retail stores, and in 2025 pay additional fee for use in 2025 It is obliged to be obliged, and it will be completely disabled in 2030.

He is a politician of Taiwan's Democratic Progressive PartyLee Yuan"Regarding the regulation of disposable plastics in Taiwan," It is possible to substitute steel products and straws that can be eaten, etc. Or you may not need to use a straw at all. "

Metallic straws that can be used any number of times have attracted attention not only in Taiwan but also in some cases that are moving towards commercialization as follows.

Durable and eco-friendly my straw made of titanium that can be used many times "TiStraw" - GIGAZINE

Mr. Lee asserts that reduction of plastic consumption is related not only to the Environmental Protection Agency but to all people, and by working on plastic reduction throughout Taiwan, it is necessary to leave a better environment to the next generation It is said that it should become.

Environment protection groupGreenpeaceThe East Asia office comments that it is hoped that paper containers and disposable chopsticks will be prohibited in the future.

Besides, not only in Taiwan but also in Scotland the use of plastic straws is prohibited by the end of 2019plansIn India in Delhi from 2017 New Year 's Day we completely prohibit disposable plastic products.

India disallows full use of disposable plastic containers · dishes · plastic bags - GIGAZINE

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