NVIDIA's new GPU "Turing" could be a virtual currency mining application

ByMirko Tobias Schäfer

NVIDIAIn March, 2018 "TuringA new codenamed nameGPUWe are planning to announce. Although details are unknown such as whether it becomes GPU for gaming, media from anticipation that it will become a GPU for encryption currency mining has appeared from the tendency of the origin of development code name and GPU demand.

Frenzied demand for Nvidia's graphic chips shoot prices through the roof

NVIDIA Turing is a Crypto-mining Chip Jen-Hsun Huang Made to Save PC Gaming | TechPowerUp

NVIDIA 's GPU is very popular, and the price has continued to be in short supply, such as the price rising to three times the list price to obtain online. GPU is thought to be used for games where gamers are required to operate with high-definition video at severe timing, but you can solve complicated mathematics puzzles, verify their solutions,EthereumYabitcoinIt is also used for mining encryption currency such as.

ByJD Lasica

NVIDIA'sCFOColette Kress said, "The inventory level of the GPU on February 8, 2018 (Thursday) is the encryption currencyminorIt was a very low, historic level, due to the demand ofMorgan StanleyJoseph Moore said that "high demand for encryption currency minor is a factor that raises both revenue and price of GPU." In other words, it is suggesting that the surge in GPU is due to high demand for crypto currency minor.

NVIDIA plans to release the codenamed GPU "Turing" in March 2018, but this codename was attached to NVIDIA GPU so farNaming conventionIt is predicted that it is not a model for gaming because it is different. "Turing"Second World WarBelow the German army "EnigmaThe cryptogram generated by the mathematician who decoded the cryptogram generated by "Alan TuringIt is thought that it is derived from the name of.

ByRichard Gillin

Overseas media "TechPowerUpWe anticipate that it will be a GPU for cryptographic currency mining from the origin of this codename and the trend of the demand of GPU, but concrete details are not clarified.

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