AI-made face-synthesizing pornography 'fake pornography' is finally banned even at the birthplace of Reddit

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'Fake pornography' that synthesizes the face of an existing pornography and a famous actress with AI has been spreading explosively since around December 2017, but it is famous pornography because it may be used for revenge pornography. Posting on the site's Pornhub , Twitter, etc. is prohibited. Meanwhile, Reddit, an overseas bulletin board that is the birthplace of fake pornography and is the center of the community, has announced a policy to prohibit posting of fake pornography.

Reddit bans'deepfakes' AI porn communities --The Verge

'Fake porn', which uses AI to synthesize the faces of existing pornography and famous actresses and makes people who should not actually appear in pornography look like pornographic actresses, suddenly appeared at the end of 2017, and only a few It has spread explosively in about two months.

You can read what fake porn really looks like from the article below.

AI-made 'Pornography of famous actresses' explodes-GIGAZINE

While 'fake pornography' that synthesizes famous actresses and game characters on the face of AV actresses using AI is rapidly increasing, 'celebrities on the Internet' such as YouTuber and game distributors may be targeted.

Fake porn is known to exist when a user who calls himself 'deepfakes' posted on Reddit on an overseas bulletin board, and after that, deepfakes released an application that anyone can make fake porn, and many people made fake porn. Was posted on Reddit. As of February 2018, the number of participants in the community has exceeded 90,000.

However, Reddit, the beginning of the fake porn epidemic, has announced a new community rule to ban the posting of fake porn. Below are the new rules published by Reddit.

Do Not Post Involuntary Pornography | Reddit Help

Reddit's new rules prohibit posting images and movies with depictions of nudity or sexual acts without their permission. And, it is said that this content includes 'things whose depiction is fake'. In addition, movies that show personal parts of the body are prohibited even if they are in clothes, without the permission of the person or with obscene explanations. In addition, he said, 'Don't ask for'two'pornography or post images and movies aimed at specific fake content.'

However, the app 'Fake App ' that allows you to make fake porn is left on Reddit, and it seems that not all content related to fake porn is prohibited. From this app, not only fake pornography but also 'fake Nicolas' that makes everyone's face Nicolas Cage are made.

According to The Verge, fake porn does not violate American law, and Reddit's response is to 'ban legal content.' The Reddit operator believes that 'Reddit is committed to creating an open platform that welcomes everyone and that'users will maintain an environment that creates true conversations'. February 7, 2018. We've updated two site-wide policies, 'Reluctant Pornography' and 'Provocative Content Affecting the Minority.' The two rules have been described as one rule so far. The users who posted these content and the content-centric community will be locked out of the website. '

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