Successful launch of SpaceX 's ultra large rocket "Falcon Heavy" that realized the SF world as an open car aiming for Mars

In FloridaKennedy Space CenterFrom the local time at 15:45 on February 6, 2018 (Tue)SpaceXLarge rocket "Falcon HeavyWe successfully launched the test. A state of successful launchBBCIt reports.

Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy rocket launches successfully - BBC News

The actual state at launch can be checked with the following movie.

Falcon Heavy Test Flight - YouTube

Start counting down.


Detach two boosters ...

Detach the last booster.

Two boosters separated first are coming to the ground.

Reverse injection when the ground surface approaches.

Soft landing leaving autonomous on landing pad. I will show you the high level of technology. And it is possible to reuse this booster for the next launch.

The last booster will land on the drone.

Wrapped in smoke ......

The picture from the drone has been cut off.

"Falcon Heavy" is the Earth'sLow orbitCan be launchedpayloadThe maximum weight is about 64 tons. It is the largest rocket existing at the time of article creation "Delta IV HeavyWe have more than twice the load capacity.

"Falcon Heavy" can reuse rockets, the minimum cost of launch is about 90 million dollars (about 10 billion yen). Since the launch cost of the disposable "Delta IV Heavy" is about 350 million dollars (about 38 billion yen) or more, we can launch the rocket at about one third of the cost.

And what is put on "Falcon Heavy" in this test launch is Tesla "Roadster" of Cherry Red. A star man wearing a space suit in the driver 's seat is on board. This car reaches Mars about 6.5 hours after the launch of the rocket completes all phases of flightElliptical orbitIt is carried to. The state of the current star man is on YouTubeSpace VideosIt is live on the channel and you can check the actual situation.

SpaceX CEOEarlon maskThe more you post a tweet while watching live broadcasting, the more you are excited about the successful launch.

car'sECU"Made on Earth by humans" is written,UFOIt is discovered in, etc, and everything is ready to appeal humanity even if it is carried out somewhere.

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The day before the launch, as Mr. Mask said, "All other rockets will be game over", the achievement of launching a large and economical rocket is extremely important for SpaceX, There is a high possibility of taking over many projects such as the launch of American military satellites, launch of planet exploration robots such as Mars and Jupiter, and other satellites, and it is expected that it will bring enormous profits.

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