I tried healing in a soft space blissfully with a rice cake Punipuni "Tear-like figure (Kuroko-kun) (Koi-tan) (Mr. penguin)"

As the third series of Village Vanguard's "Soft Figure" series, "Soft Figure (Trajunko-kun) (Koi-chan) (Penguin-san)"Will appear in early February. This new colleague is from beforeAzarashi-kun· Mr. Panda · Hayoko-kun came to the editorial department of GIGAZINE, so I tried healing in the blissful Punipni space by the lovely figures figures.

Mochi-chi Fluffy "Soft Figure" New Appeared !!!! | Village Vanguard Webbed Press Release

You can check from "movie below" how "soft figure (torikko-kun) (Kono-chan) (Mr. penguin)" is pretty with Punipni.

I tried Puni Puni "Soft Figure (Teruneko-kun) (Konoi-chan) (Mr. Penguin)"

"This is Soft Figure (Trajunko-kun) (Konoi-chan) (Penguin)" which arrived at GIGAZINE Editorial Department. There are 2 Koiwa, 2 Tsuneko-kun, 3 penguin-kun.

All three were in a transparent plastic case.

First I tried picking out Kuro-chan. It seems that Koi-chan who stood on a cardboard written as "apples" is as if they were thrown away in a cardboard box.

When I put it in my hands, I will look back at my unbelievable look.

Also the front paw with chocon ......

A super cute tail wrapped a bit.

And of course it is Punipni and it is so soft that I can touch it forever.

Next is Tsurugane-chan. Tsuruneko is sitting on the thick paper of "Konko Fishery".

The round body shape is pretty when seen from the front.

Tiger stripes are on the top and both sides ... ...

In the back is a tail standing with chokon.

Looking at my cheeks, it looks somewhat cut ... ....

Mr. Penguin seems to have arrived on an ice floe. There are other penguins on the side of the cardboard.

When I put it on the desk, I feel relaxed. Just watching will heal you.

Cool and comfortable feel.

When I try to stretch it up, I got a further impression.

You can relax as much as you watch Tsuruneko-kun, Koi-chan and Penguin on the palm of your hand together.

As the number increases, the sense of paradise further rises.

Azarashi-kun, chick-kun and panda who appeared in the 1st and 2nd bullets also joined Punipuni & Mochi mochi. Even on stressful days, if you love punipni these children and you will love it, you will feel happy.

In addition, "Soft Figure (Teruneko-kun) (Koi-tan) (Mr. Penguin)" is 1000 yen including tax. We are currently accepting pre-orders at the Village Vanguard online store, scheduled for delivery from the beginning of February to mid-February.

[Mohihito] Moist moist moist animal, pet owners are recruiting. / Village Vanguard Official Goods Mail order

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