Why continue the movies of the '80s still widely loved?

Although it seems to me that the economy seems to be good in some way when I hear "the 1980s", a bright image such as the end of the Cold War comes to mind, but there are many people who feel that "30 years ago is an ancient time." However, in fact, pop culture and movies of the 1980s have given great influence to the world up to the present age, and it is often that the origin of what we normally see is in the 1980s. A movie that explains the movie movement of the '80s that gave such a great influence to such a posterity is published on YouTube.

Explaining the 80s Movie Craze

The men who hang out in the town.

Teenagers who were hanging out together said "You can not mind a movie in the 80's ..." ...

"Try, do not make fun of the 80's!" Suddenly the man got angry. Many people still have a very affection for the movies of the '80s, like boys with a hungry hat.

The movie reflects the era when it was made, and at the same time it is heavily influenced by the era a little before the producers were born and raised. Films and television programs that the creator who was a middle-aged 40 or so at the time of production when he was a child are reflected in the movie he made.

If we accept this idea, it can be said that movies made in the 2010s were influenced by films in the 1980s. However, in the 1980s movies, as a mere temporary movement, it left a scar on the era as a culture too much.

Films and TV dramas made in the modern era have great respect and detailed attention to the entire 80 's movies, video games, and other cultures that took place in the 1980' s.

The best movie that seems to have condensed the culture and longing of the 80's into capsules will be released on Friday, April 20Lady Player 1It will be ".

Based on the original novel of the same name, this movie competes for the treasure that the millionaire left behind in the devastated near future in the world of VR. Various characters appearing in movies and video games of the 1980's appeared, pop culture of the 1980's became a hint of the story, and it can be said that it is a movie that is influenced exactly in the 80's.

So, why on earth do movies and pop culture of the 80's influence the present age so much?

There are various reasons for that, but the best reason is that "nostalgia for the 80's" is a very strong emotion and remains in modern people than in other age.

In the 1980s, a music video that fused music and video appeared, and the new method experimentally performed there has great influence on the current movie as well.

Also, in the 1980s it was a time to call it the golden age of movies for teenagers, boys and girls who seemed to devour movies in that era became current filmmakers.

Because they were strongly interested in cinema in their teens, it is also true that movies in the 1980s are regarded as a kind of role model.

But here we will discuss the influence of the 1980s from a completely different point of view.

The new point of view is "From the present era, it is the best timing for movies in the 1980s to" make another movie again ".

Evidence that the sequels of movies produced in the 1980s are still being actively produced.

The creators who produced the movie in the 1980's saw the beginning of the 1960s to the late 1970sAmerican New CinemaIt is a human being strongly influenced by. American New Cinema is a movie that cuts off the living figure of rebellious young people from a new angle to a system without being caught up by the trend of Hollywood movie that had been a prosperous happy end that gave the audience a dream and hope Group.

The best masterpiece is "We have no tomorrowIt will be.

He repeated robberies and murders in various parts of the world during the Great DepressionBonnie and ClydeThe motif is a masterpiece depicting the frankness of counter culture through violence that deviates from ethics, sexual expression and intricate human relations.

In the 1980s, movie people who were influenced by such American New Cinema became pioneers, causing a big explosion throughout the film industry. The filmmakers of the 1980s were the first generations to be baptized by American New Cinema, whose childhood was brought up in touch with a typical Hollywood movie and later many experimental films were produced.

Although they modeled on previous movies, they devoted great power and effort to how to break it.

In understanding how movie makers in the 1980s made movies, the best example isSteven SpielbergWhenGeorge LucasBig name was engaged together "Raiders / Lost Arc "The Cathedral"". Fortunately, the contents of the conference that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas had about the screenplay of this movie are on the InternetPublish as PDF fileIt has been.

When you read the contents of the screenplay conference, you can see what kind of movie inspired the script of "Raiders / Lost Ark" the Holy Case ", and at the same time how you tried to get out of the movie so far.

Lucas initially wrote "Raiders / The Lost Ark" The Cathedral "Macaroni · WesternYaJames BondI was trying to hit the layer I like.

The two will compare Indiana Jones with various characters as trying to fit the hero's "Indiana Jones to other movie characters". Indiana Jones "Seven Samurai"soToshiro MifuneJumping back like a chrysanthemum Chiyo played by ... ...

Clint EastwoodBut"Gunman of the sunsetProfessional like a nameless man played with.

Humphrey · BogartBut"High SellaIt is dirty like Roy Earl who played in ".

Furthermore, the action of the movie is "Wind and LionIt looks like ...

The stage is "King KongInside the jungle as thoughtless like. In this way, as a common language of their 80's filmmen, homage of all kinds of movies made so far is used.

Based on old movies, they have created a whole new character and a fresh story. I was thinking of grasping the hearts of people who like Hollywood movies before American New Cinema without being caught by the influence of American New Cinema.

The mind set of the 1980s was published in 1977Star Wars Episode 4 / New HopeIt is reflected in the color.

Lucas, who was in charge of the director's script, said about this movie, "The reason why I made this movie is the variety of movies that our generation likes to young people ...... Westerners, pirates, romance movies, adventure films Because I wanted you to know the wonderful things such as "

"Without the wonderful work of the predecessors, I could not have produced this movie"

Lucas felt that he got impression that he was too real, too cold, as well as being well done for films and TV dramas in the 1970s, and lacking interest. The filmmakers of the 1980s made movies pursuing entertainment as if they were to break such a real-oriented trend.

"E. T."Or"Ghost BustersAliens and ghosts that appear in 'are drawn as fun and real, rather thin, rather interesting ones.

"Princess Bride StoryIt is a movie which inherited the spirit of Spielberg and Lucas perfectly.

Many of the movies for teens from the 1960s to 1970s were drawing teenage boys and girls as extremely sexual and having problems as a character fitted in a certain meaning type.

When it became the 80's, in the beginningJohn HughesWill be making movies depicting life-sized young people.

The movie he made drew firmly the binge that pursued only teenager's clumsy romance and pleasure.

As these various factors overlap, the 80's movies have been loved up to the present age, and they are currently progressingly affecting various movies.

"We achieved 2 crowns at the 69th Emmy Award"San Junipero"Reflects the strange part of the 80's ... ...

A legendary horror film "ITIt was remade again in 2017. These also prove that the influence of the 1980s still remains strong.

The film of the 1980s flourished Hollywood as a whole. And even now I can still enjoy it ......

It has a great influence on contemporary films as well.

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