Research results that the risk of heart disease is high if there is a difference in blood pressure between left and right arms

There are not so many people checking blood pressure with a lot of people checking their blood pressure with both left and right arms. However, research results have been announced that the blood pressure difference between the left and right arms is related to the risk of heart disease.

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Blood pressure difference between two arms linked to heart disease risk

Research has shown that there is a difference in blood pressure between the left and right arms which can be a health risk such as heart disease, but most of the studies so far have already been done on patients with hypertension and heart disease It was targeted to.

This time, the research team of the Exeter Medical University in the United Kingdom is the University of Edinburgh that included records on left and right blood pressure for a long time for 3350 healthy people who had never had a medical condition of heart disease until then We analyzed the data conducted by the British Heart Foundation Foundation.

From the data of a large cohort study over 8 years covering over 3000 healthy people, "With a difference of 5 mmHg in the left and right arms, the risk of death from heart disease is twice as high" It seems that I understood.

Dr. Chris Clark, who led the research, said, "In current guidance, blood pressure measurement should be done for both arms in patients with hypertension, but due to time constraints and lack of awareness of clinicians, thorough It is certain that it is better to measure blood pressure at the same time in both arms in order to ensure more accuracy but in our study it is clear that even if we measure the left and right arms alternately, It is known that it is possible to see through. "It is important to give advice on the basis that there is a future health risk for those with differences in the blood pressures on the left and right arms is.

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