How was human dream "time travel" brought into the world of fiction?

The genre "time travel" is a large genre treated with so many fiction such as novels, manga, movies and dramas. About Time Travel that appears in such fiction, I have uploaded commentary movies on various people and concepts to YouTubeNerdwriter 1According toThe history of time travel in fictionMovie summarizing on YouTube has been published.

When Did Time Travel Come From?

"Who the hell did you think of the concept that leads to the world's first" time travel "?"

"Perhaps it should have been tens of thousands of years ago, he or she caught up in an accident such as sliding down from the cliff, said," I would have never done such a thing if I had not done such a thing then. ...... "For the people of the past," time travel "was a product born of regret" It was not supposed to have been this ","

"People gradually develop intelligence and they will find causal relationships with events that happen in the immediate future. From the events that have happened so far, it is imagined that" the next will happen ... ...? " In addition, it became possible to imagine a completely new event which is different from the event which would actually occur.This is really the beginning point of the concept of "time travel" "

"The history of" time travel "in science fiction is also to trace the history of technologies in the real world.All people always use what used the state-of-the-art technology of that era," time travel I have dreamed of realizing "

"For example, movie"Back to the Future, What was used for "time travel" was remodeledDerolianwas"

"Time travel in fiction" is a genre widely used for novels, movies, TV dramas, etc. Its history has been over a century.Which point is defined as the first "time travel" Various, but it was published in 1895H. G. WellsNovel "Time Machine"Published in 1899Mark Twainof"King Arthur's Connecticut · Yankee", The old one was published in 1843Charles Dickensof"Christmas carol"Etc. are listed as the first works dealing with" time travel ""

"Incidentally, although it tends to overlook, Cyborg comes from the future"Terminator"You can also count as a" time travel "thing."

"Time travel" in a fiction that has always undergone a change slowly can not be concluded to anyone clearly about its origin, but it is certain that one book had a big influence "

"I am a British natural scientistCharles DarwinPublished in 1859 "Origin of species"Advocating the concept of" evolution "will greatly contribute to the history of" time travel "as well as the world of science and religion."

"The concept of evolution has become more important not only in the biological field but also in the sociological field," The world will evolve rapidly ", that is," As the world progresses It will gradually become better than the old age. "

"What was born thus is"Utopian literature (Literary idealism)It is a genre called. In these genres I draw the future world as a utopia and I found an ideal society in the novel. "

"Edward BellamyUtopian novels announced in 1880 "Looking Backward"Is a story novel that" A man sleeping in hypnotism in 1887 wakes up in the year 2000 in 113 years later and saw a socialist utopia achieved society ", one million copies in the United States It was a big best seller exceeding "

"After that many utopia novels have been released and become popular genre but in utopia novels gadgets such as machines are rarely used as a method of" time travel "," a main sleeper has a long sleep due to some cause When I woke up, I woke up, it was the future world. "

"Wells' Time Machine" brings gadget-like elements to "Time Travel." This is a novel that created a pattern that creates a time machine in a realistic framework and moves time "

"Until now the idea that the future world is not necessarily good is common sense, the utopia novels that once boasted prosperity declined, but the element of" time travel "survived, surviving the utopian novel Even after the decline, various works will be announced. "

"Time Travel" has developed in the SF-like framework produced by Wells, has taken up the latest scientific theory such as Einstein's cosmology, and the type of work that makes "time travel" more realistically It will increase. "

"A more realistic consideration will be added to the results caused by" time travel. "For example, there is a rule that" the same human beings should not exist at the same time at the same time ", but in compliance with this ...... "

"It will be a story of" Shoot and kill time travelers that appeared at the same time to defend the rules of time. "

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