Male who injected DNA modified in CRISPR genetic engineering technology into my body, also in the era of DIY

It is a former NASA biochemist who, after retirement, is a bio-related startup "The ODINIn October 2017, Mr. Josiah Zeiner, who launched "Mr. Zeiner, published a DNA injection injector with a syringe to" remodel "his left arm. At the same time as surprises and confusion voices are brought to the state, voices calling for evaluation as an attempt to embody the freedom of gene therapy as "bio hacker" have also been raised.

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Mr. Zeiner, 36 years old, injected DNA in October 2017 to perform a genetic manipulation on her left arm. The DNA is one that modifies muscle cells so as to suppress the secretion of the protein "myostatin". I am injecting DNA for "remodeling" my body, not "medical practice" to the last.

You can watch a movie that shows it like this on YouTube too.

DIY Human CRISPR Myostatin Knock-Out - YouTube

In the movie, Mr. Zeiner takes out the ampoule and syringe containing the genetically engineered DNA, puts the solution in the syringe ......

Injected on his left hand. Myostatin is a protein that has the function of suppressing the growth of muscle, and it is expected that muscle mass will change by suppressing its secretion, the result will be found in about six months.

Mr. Zeiner tried to treat myostatin that one of the reasons is that genetic related research in this field is relatively advanced. A dog whose muscle mass has remarkably increased by similar genetic manipulation already in China has already been made in China, according to a scientist who conducted the experiment, the dog's body is "There is no health problem". success in genetic manipulation of dog's muscles, expectation for treatment of intractable diseases also China - (1/2)

Mr. Zeiner asked, "The Guardian newspaper said," Is it an experiment that injecting genetically engineered DNA with CRISPR into yourself is an experiment or an amateur scientist or bio hacker could do it? " It was both "I answered. Studies on myostatin are deepening already as mentioned above, it is said that safety is ensured in detail and it is said that this experiment extends to the experiment, which is caused by people having fear Mr. Zeiner said he wanted to do to remove the "barrier".

In addition, to the question "Do you understand that the influence of the ripple effect on other parts by understanding the function of genes, but are you understanding that point?", "This is complicated There is also a part that is still unknown and there is also a part that is still unknown.In addition, regarding the influence on the negative side when carrying out the experiment "The possible risk is insignificant enough to give priority to the implementation of the experiment "As a result, we decided to make a go-a-in regarding partial injection". Although it was treatment of only the left arm this time, it seems that it was judged that if the same treatment is applied to the whole body, there is a possibility that it may be affected also on the organ made of the muscle such as the heart, the risk becomes higher.

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Mr. Zeiner is the owner of a way of thinking that supports people 's own gene therapy and experimental acts. When asked about the reason, Mr. Zeiner said, "When doing experiments with this hand, we are doing the following two things at ease:" Doing experiments on our own and selling products What is the number of people who will die by hastening the disease? "," There are people with genetic diseases, how many people lose their lives due to lack of access to treatment methods. "I am there I think that there is a big bias that "excessive protection to not give people suffering" and "the life of millions of people who are now dead", " I am talking about the demand for advancing research and thinking about how to take risk against it. And as a background behind it, Mr. Zeiner is a generation that grew up while feeling the hacker movement of the 1990s with the skin, while overlaying himself to the existence of Linus Torvalds and others who built Linux, and "Bio hacking" We emphasize the importance of.

This is not the first time Mr. Zeiner did such an approach. In 2016, transplant intestinal bacteria of other people into their gastrointestinal tractStool microorganism transplant"Human body remodeling" is carried out, and health condition has been improved. He says that he does not intend to recommend similar things to others, but he says that Mr. Zeiner will show a certain understanding about trying that method when someone is troubled in front of themselves or their eyes.

"If DIY genetic manipulation becomes common, what kind of world is the world?" Asked Mr. Zeiner, "For me, that world would be like a" blade runner. "For example, When entering the scientific laboratory of the Institute of Science, there is a person who is making eyeballs, etc. In the future I feel like I'm going to put in tattoos now, strengthen muscles and color of my hair and eyes I think that it will be time to inject genes to change freely, "he says about the outlook.

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