Reproducing your favorite character with pictograms "# Championship made with # stickers can be fashionable abroad"

On Twitter you can post pictures like emoji "StickerYou can add a stamp called "You can color the image freely." Using this sticker function, you can reproduce characters of animation and manga "# Can you guess with a sticker? ChampionshipHash tags are popular in Japan.

Even nowBlue eyes white dragonIt seems to be releasing a ruined explosion gale bullet (burst stream)Kaiba Sen. The degree of reproduction outside the face is considerably high.

Also from "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Katsuya Shiroyuki

And Yami Yami also.

"Mobsuiko 100Super power function reproducing the main visual of "

If you reproduce the popular Nyan chew on a small child with a sticker like this. Quality as if such a sticker is no longer alone.

Artistic sticker reproducing Kumi Koda. "Easy to give up" means "Can We BackA part of the lyrics of a song called "Ikko.

Miyano Mamoru was reproduced with a sticker. The number of retweets exceeded 37,000 times, astounding spreading condition.

It took 5 hours to make "Full Metal Alchemist"Edward Elric.

"Touken Ranbu"Tsurumaru Kunaga reproduces brilliant decorations of costumes

Also Tsurumaru Kunaga

Also from "Takenoran Ranbu" from Yamabushi Kunihiro

Something to say Sayaki Kunihiro

Awaji Aoge reproduces long hair with zucchini

Jiro Tachi

Turkish sexy too chefReproduced with a sticker

"Sengoku BASARA" to Sanada Yukimura

The last of "Terminator 2" is reproduced with bacon

With a preface of "I'm not supposed to"

"Pocket Monsters Sun MoonFrom Mimicque

Adult Link from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time"

"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3 Stardust CrusadersFrom Noriaki Hanakyoin

Noriaki Hanazono Part 2

Also from "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3 Stardust Crusaders" from Kotaro Kujo

"lovelive! Sunshine !!From Fallen Angels John Iko Tsushima

"Ano da Stars!From Izumi Sena

"NARUTO - NarutoKakashi from "

"Fate / Grand Order0 0 pay 0

This "championship which can be inferred with #sticker" is managed by some fans overseas, and it has become a petit boom.

Anime Fans Are Making Their Favorite Characters Out Of Emojis

"Persona 5From Akachi Goro

Is gorou Akechi popular overseas?

Leon of "Fire Emblem if"

From "Pocket Monster Sun Moon" to Rusamine

"Super Dangan Rompa 2" Kaeda Nagato

Somes of metroid series from bullies who tweet with a hash tag of Japanese purposely purposely

From Korea, "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Parte 5 Golden WindJorno Giovanna

From "high queue" to Shinko Hyuga and Nobuo Kageyama

"Neo YokioJaden Smith

From "My hero academy" Masanori Muroya and Frozen Frozen

Some have finished art like overwhelming idea, others range from cute to simple and the best, each sticker artist's personality glows.

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