The possibility that the magic mushroom has a function to restart the brain circuit of "depression" turned out

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Mushrooms that have hallucinogenic effects when eatingMagic mushroomHas been found to have the effect of bringing the brains of people with symptoms of severe "depression" into a certain "reset" state. Meanwhile, advice has also been announced to avoid trying oneself without your supervision by specialized doctors.

Psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression: fMRI-measured brain mechanisms | Scientific Reports

Magic Mushrooms "Reset" Key Brain Circuits in Depressed People

According to the paper published by the research team at Imperial College London, it is included in the magic mushroomShiloh SibinIt has become clear that a component with a hallucinogenic effect called a change in the function of the brain in depressed state.

In the same team, 10 mg and 25 mg of psilocybin were administered to patients with symptoms of refractory reflex, which had no effect on treatment, for one week. Then, as soon as the patient reports that the uneasy feeling coming from depression has been relieved. This effect was seen in fMRI which visualizes the function of the brain, and it is confirmed that the blood flow to the part handling stress and fear feelings has decreased.

All patients receiving psilshibin had the impression that the brain was "reset", and some of them said that the brain was "defragged" or "the restart was done" , There were some patients who talked about the impression that operation on the computer was done in the brain. Robin Carhart-Harris, who leads studies on hallucinations at Imperial College London, said: "Shiro Shibin temporarily gave these patients" engine starting "necessary to get out of depression," reset effect " "The effect on a similar brain is sometimes seen when performing" electrococalpine therapy "that gives electricity to the brain."

It is a new finding pointed out by Mitsuhiro Koumi for severe depression treatment, but on the other hand there are still problems to be studied. Immediately after dosing, patients were in a state of constant improvement, but as the effect diminished the brain was "rebuilt" and confirmed that it gradually returned to the original symptoms.

Researchers said that for this experiment the number of patients samples is small and there is no verification using placebo, so it is necessary to conduct a larger and detailed survey in the future I am clarifying my opinion. We also issue a warning about amateurs doing the same treatment.


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