It is reported that Russia introduces government-approved virtual currency "Crypt Ruble"

Currency using "block chains" technology used by virtual currency centered on bit coins and etherCryptoRuble"(Crypt Ruble) is about to be born after being approved by the Russian government.

BREAKING: Russia Issuing 'CryptoRuble'

Russia may soon issue its own official blockchain-based currency, the CryptoRuble | TechCrunch

Russian local media reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to issue the Crypto Ruble in a closed government ministerial meeting. This content is based on the communication information minister'sNikolai · NikihorovIt is reported that it was made clear by Mr.

Russia has so far shown a negative position against virtual currencies as well as many other countries. However, from the summer of 2017, it was said that there were fears that the government was considering introducing its own virtual currency. And this time the introduction was officially announced, but "Crypto Ruble" introduced by Russia says there are several parts which are not similar to the virtual currency such as bit coins.

First of all, it is said that the Crypt Ruble can not "Mine" to create new currency. A virtual currency such as a bit coin can be obtained by digging out (mining) a new currency as a consideration for making the processor tremendous processing, but this is impossible in the crypt ruble, but instead the government Public institutions pursuant to this standard are issuing and managing virtual currencies.

Crypto rubles can be exchanged at any time with ruble which is the usual currency, but at that time it seems that if you can not prove the departure of Crypt Ruble, 13% tax will be imposed. This is to ensure that crypto rubles are not used as a means of money laundering by tracking the flow of currency using the block chain mechanism and ensuring that no illegal transactions are taking place Measure. In addition, it is said that the same rate of tax is imposed on the difference (profit) caused at the time of purchase and sale of currency tokens.

Mr. Nikifolo said about the introduction of the virtual currency, "One certain reason for deciding to introduce is that if Russia does not do itEurasian Economic CommunityIt is because the neighboring countries that join the country will be putting ahead in two months. " The Eurasian community is an organization composed of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc. It is a remark that makes a discussion on the introduction of virtual currencies among these countries.

Finally, the government-approved virtual currency is expected to be introduced, but on the other hand the Russian government still shows a negative view on traditional virtual currencies such as bit coins. Interest will be gathered as to what kind of circumstances the introduction of the virtual currency of the national currency produces.

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