Symantec CEO says "There is an unacceptable security risk for code reviews"

byJason Hutchens

Greg Clark, CEO of Gregg Clarke, said that the code review that Symantec had allowed to sell products overseas was not accepted after 2016, saying "The code review has a risk of unacceptable security aspects "For the first time.

Exclusive: Symantec CEO says source code reviews pose unacceptable risk

This was told in an interview by Reuters. Symantec allowed code reviews to sell products overseas, but in 2016 it had switched to a policy that it would not approve.

Although the policy change itself was clarified in June 2016, it was told for the first time that the reason "there is an unacceptable security risk" is the first time. According to Clark CEO, there is no definitive evidence that admitting code reviews has led to some sort of cyber attack, but I thought that it was a security risk that can not be accepted by other users about. In the future, product sales will continue overseas, but Clark CEO stabbed the nail, "It does not mean" Please crack freely and take a closer look inside "".

In recent years, companies that resist cord review are increasing in the same way. About the fact that Symantec clarified this attitude, voices have been raised from security experts in Western countries, and some experts seek an American IT company to protect America from Russia and China There are also people who talk about whether it will be a posture to be able to do.

However, this is a company that invested more abroad, as Symantec's share of the market in Russia, who did not want to allow code review, was not so large that it could be changed, And it may be difficult to change the policy from now.

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