Q & A movie Jackie Chan tells me the tips of fighting sports for a moment

It will be released on Saturday, September 30, 2017Lego® Ninja Go The Movie"Jackie Chan, who is in charge of Mr. Ninja Master Woo's voice, has released an image that answers questions about fighting sponsored by Twitter with an actress Olivia Man who is in charge of the voice of Coco in the same work .

Jackie Chan & Olivia Munn Answer Martial Arts Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED - YouTube

First of all, the question "How do karateists break bars with bare hands?"

Jackie laughing lightly with ha ha ha.

I actually prepare the board and try to divide it by Olivia. After lightly teaching how to put out your arm, face each other ... ...

Say! I broke the board with a blow.

Then, "Please break it with your head" and Jackie. Olivia squatting out his head while embellished expression.

The answer from Jackie was "It's not" power "but" aim ". When trying to break by the head, I feel that the board had cracked before Mr. Olivia's head hit, but do not be concerned with too much details.

"Why do Jackie Chan use rugs when fighting?"

Seriously, as far as 200 questions are concerned in this movie, it is not possible to just hit "fist with a fist", so it has come to use all kinds of things including clothes and hair to make an interesting difference Answer Jackie.

"How do you prevent knives with bare hands?"

Jackie's answer is "clothing".

Actually Mr. Olivia had a knife and showed how to prevent it. First of all, it is dangerous to touch the knife with bare hands, so prevent it with hands wearing clothes ......

Then grasp the other 's hand holding the knife with the other hand.

Alternatively, instead of wearing clothes on hands, just striking the opponent's hands and dropping the knife is one thing.

To the question that "The band can not be rolled well" ...

Answer by demonstration. Let me go through the tip of the band turned to the waist once ... ...

Make a wheel and pass through ... ...

Tighten it tight and complete.

If it is difficult to understand, it was "Looking for a movie on YouTube and seeing it."

A question about bamboo again.

This time Jackie gave Mr. Olivia a bad tap on the board. I will not bother.

Of course, it will not break even if you hit it on the desk.

However, just changing the way to hold the board from "sideways" to "vertical" made it easy to crack.

"How much can you watch a kung-fu movie to become a Ninja master?"

"If you keep watching Jackie Chan's movies you can become a Ninja master."

Next is a question about the effect of "Stance Training" (practice of "type") and "Zan Zhuang".

However, neither Olivia nor Jackie knows "Zan Zhuang", but when asking staff outside the screen, the answer is "meditation". To be exact, it seems to be about meditation "tazen standing" to do.

In the first place, Jackie said that he does not meditate because he can not keep doing the same thing. However, it was said that some people may have an effect to rule and calm themselves.

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Jackie who brought out a bunch of pencils.

It is said that the teacher once said that "It is easy if one, two difficult, three are more difficult".

Indeed, it seems to be difficult to fold even with Jackie if you make it in a bunch.

Finally, Jackie told us that it is important to make a loud voice first, without first trying to fight against the opponent holding the knife.

A series of interactions is "@ MartialArts_WIYou can see it in the account.

In addition, Jackie Chan is in charge of action coordination in addition to Mr. Woo in "Lego® Ninja Go the Movie".


On YouTube, a special video that shows the synchronized movement of Jackie 's stunt team and Ninja' s is also released.

Movie "Lego® Ninja Go The Movie" Jackie Chan Special Movie released September 30, 2017 - YouTube

In addition, the dubbing is familiar to other works of Jackie starringIshimaru HiyaI am in charge. Following "LEGO® movie" released in March 2014, "Lego Batman the Movie" released in April 2017, Lego block moves crisply with CG animation, so please have a chance if you have a chance .

Movie "LEGO ® Ninja Go the Movie" WEB announcement 【HD】 released September 30, 2017 - YouTube

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