At the moment of chilling in a freezer and pasting it I tried using a super refreshing 'hot fever sheet sheet strong for freezer'

"Use cold in freezer" "Super cold gel works" It is a complaint of "Heat to the freezer sheet Strong"Was released from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical from September 14. According to a survey carried out by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in 2015 and 2016, it is said that "40% of people cool down the cooling sheets with a refrigerator". I found this need in this "Thermal Seat Strong for Freezer" arrived at the editorial department, so I tried it immediately.

New product: "Thermal Safety Strong for Freezer" │ 2017 │ News Release │ Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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The light blue package which adopted the ice-like design gives the impression which is coolly visually.

"Please cool the cooling sheet in the freezer for at least 4 hours before use" and is written for those who can not be satisfied with just the usual cooling sheets. It is written that it can be used not only at the time of fever but also in various scenes of daily life.

Characteristic, usage and notes on the back are crowded. Although it seems that the adhesive strength has been reduced when it is frozen in the freezer in the conventional product, this "problem" was avoided by adopting special gel in this "heat sun sheet Strong for freezer". Furthermore, since cooling power becomes very strong by cooling in the freezer, "If you feel it is too cold, please peel off once and then paste it from room temperature for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. If it is still too cold, Please adjust it to be cold and use it. "

In order to confirm the effect of "Thermal Safety Strong for Freezer" this time,"FLIR ONE" in which a smartphone becomes a thermo camera by simply attaching it"Is used to measure how much cooling effect actually is. 4 hours after freezing in the freezer as described in "Thermal Safety Sheet Strong for Freezer", take out the "Frozen Heavy Sheet Strong for Freezer" firmly cooled. It is like this when taking "FLIR ONE" in "Frozen sheet Strong for freezer" arranged on the desk. I can see that it is quite chilled.

The room temperature at the time of measurement is about 27 degrees. Although it is not necessary to move the body, it is a temperature that can not be said as 'cool' even for compliments.

Subjects relaxed and experimented with sitting on a chair. The temperature is higher as it approaches from blue to red, indicating that the white part is the highest temperature compared to surroundings. Looking at this image, it is obvious that the temperature around the face is the highest. The temperature displayed by "FLIR ONE" is comparable with the surroundings, so the wall below body temperature is pale blue.

It is extremely cold to keep keeping "fevery seat sheet strong for freezers" just taken out of the freezer.

Measurement result of -2 degrees when shooting with "FLIR ONE". I will peel off the film quickly and hand it over to the editorial staff who is waiting.

Then, I will ask the editorial staff in the afternoon tired from work to paste "Thermal Safety Strong for Freezer". From the affiliated editorial staff, "Ooo, I guess cold!" And the first voice as expected too. Since the seat is cooled to below freezing at the first point, "It is clearly different from the usual" hot seats "the first coldness".

Next, let's compare it using an ordinary "fever sheet".

Also when shooting with "FLIR ONE", you can see that the forehead is chilled steadily. Although it is bluish as compared with the previous "Thermal Seat Strong for Freezer", it does not seem to be said that it is "burning intensely."

It is obvious if you try to arrange the two in the state before pasting. The dark blue on the right side is "Thermal Seat Strong for Freezer", which shows that the temperature is lower than the surroundings.

When I actually used it, I was able to experience the power of the "Thermal Safety Strong for Freezer" body. The usual "hot sun sheet" is used at room temperature, whereas "freezer heat sitting sheet strong" for freezer is used in a freezer cold state to the freezing point, so the impact at the moment of sticking is more than imagined. When it actually fever, of course, it seems to be a great success even when you are unable to endure the summer heat when you are tired of work or rest after sports like this time.

In addition, 'Thermal Seat Strong for Freezer' has been on sale on Thursday, September 14 at pharmacies, drugstores, drugstores etc. throughout the country, and in 1 box there are 12 bags of 1 bag and 2 bags in total Entering,For Amazon it costs 450 yenIt was.

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