By hacking the car wash, you can lock up the car, destroy it, and waterse the crew.

Advances in technology will hurt medical devices and vehicles and endanger human life. The voice is rising. Meanwhile, security researchers discovered vulnerability in car washing machines connected to the Internet. Using this vulnerability, malicious hackers reported that they could attack cars and crews.

Car Wash Hack Can Strike Vehicle, Trap Passengers, Douse Them With Water - Motherboard

According to researchers, using the vulnerability of a drive-through type car wash machine can confine the car. Researchers also mention the risk of injuring cars and crews by forcibly closing the entrance and exit doors.

Security company that conducted the survey ·WhiteScope LLCAccording to Billy Rios, the founder of the company, this is "the first report of an IoT device capable of performing physical attacks on humans." Rios et al.Medical instruments for drippingAnd for detecting weapons at the airportX-ray inspection apparatus, Control automatic doors and alarms, elevators, surveillance cameras, etc.Building systemI was warning about the risk of hacking etc.

This time, Rios et al noticed a fully automated car washing machine called "PDQ Laser Wash". PDQ LaserWash does not use a brush, injects water or cleaning liquid, washes the car, and performs waxing using the machine's arm. As workers are unnecessary, it is a system that is often used in the United States. There are shutter-type doors in front and behind the equipment, and it is programmed to open and close at the beginning and the end of the day, not for each car entry / exit. Because it has a touch screen, it is possible for a person who does car wash to decide whether or not to touch workers before car wash.

You can check PDQ LaserWash from the following movie.

PDQ Laserwash - YouTube

This is PDQ LaserWash. Normally the entrance and exit are open.

Drive the course to choose ...

Slowly advance the car.

I came up to the huge equipment installed on the ceiling.

The robot arm comes out and the cleaning liquid is applied to the car.

On the side of the car ... ....

Jetting also behind.

This time the robot arm injects water and bubbles flow.

A huge device is a dryer, and let's dry wet cars by going back and forth over the car.

When the car wash is completed, the voice will be informed "Please get out of the car wash machine."

PDQ LaserWash is equipped with Microsoft 's embedded OS "Windows CE" developed by Microsoft, and workers can check the status of their work on the monitor using the Internet.

Mr. Rios was interested in PDQ LaserWash because his friend asked the story that "PDQ LaserWash's engineer misconfigured and the arm for car wash collided with the car and the family in the car was flooded" That's why.

Mr. Rios who investigated the PDQ LaserWash software in 2015 saw the Kaspersky Security Summit in MexicoI made a reportIt seems that cooperation from Washington State was not obtained until 2017 and experiments to prove vulnerability could not be done.

Users need a user name and password to access PDQ systems, but researchers say that default passwords are easy to imagine. Also, there are vulnerabilities in the authentication process and it is possible to bypass. Although not all are in the online state, search engines that can search for devices connected to the Internet, such as webcams and printers,ShodanAs a result, it seems that more than 150 PDQ systems have been on-line even if they are confirmed.

Researchers bypassed the certification process, wrote a script to close the door when the car was about to leave the car wash machine and attack the car fully automatically. Once the script is ready, the only thing an attacker should do is select the IP address of the car wash and insert the script. Since the car wash time is predetermined, it is easy to predict the timing at which the car is about to leave the car wash machine, and it is possible to trap the car by closing the door of the entrance / exit aiming at that timing. Also, you can also open and close doors many times to damage damage as the occupants try to leave the outside.

Of course, an infrared sensor is installed in the car washing machine so that trouble does not occur, but the researchers say that it is possible to change the system so that this sensor is ignored. Simultaneously with the opening and closing of the door, it is possible to prevent the occupant from going out by operating the machine arm or continuing to inject water.

"People may put trust in software-based safety devices, but those systems become meaningless if they are exploited, making sense at such times is a hardware side security measure "Said Mr. Rios.

Although the state of the experiment was filmed, the owner of the car wash hindered the presentation.

PDQ public relations said, "All systems, especially those connected to the Internet, must be configured with security in mind," and are investigating to fix this vulnerability By the way I answer Motherboard's email.

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