"Earth planner" that negates the theory that "the earth is a sphere" interprets "eclipse" like this

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On August 21, 2017, we know that a total solar eclipse will occur for the first time in 99 years in the United States, moving from the morning to the afternoon to obliquely cross the Americas. It is a total solar eclipse, which is attracting a lot of people's attention, not just an astronomical fan, whether it misses the event of "just once in a lifetime", but thinks that "This earth is flat" in this incident It is said that those who are doing great attention as an event proving their theory. In other words, it is a debater who denies the idea which is the mainstream of modern science, but in fact it seems that deep-rooted things are lying behind it.

What do flat - Earth truthers think is really happening during the 2017 solar eclipse?

About the total solar eclipse of August 2017 which becomes a serious matter of the century, a news site "MicOne of the channels in "The Future Is NowAlexis Kleinman, who is contributing to "I am talking to four" earth planners ". At the same time, the earth is in the center of the universe and the sun, the moon, the star in the sky It is a person who believes in "Forest theory" that it is going around the earth.

In other words, although it is a planar planner who can be said as a person who denies contemporary science and still believes past common sense, the reason is not necessarily that there is a religious background. Regardless of religion, people who strongly believe in Christian teaching that there are two patterns on earth planarists, "Earth is the center of the universe", "Earth is a plane with infinite spread , The surroundings are divided into those who are covered with ice walls.

Such an earth planarist argues that the earth is proved to be flat by the occurrence of the total solar eclipse. Rather than skeptical that there are strange points in the idea that the earth is a sphere at the two points of "the way the total solar eclipse moves" and "the size of the shadow" roughly rather than It shows a way of thinking.

◆ Total solar eclipse moving faster than Earth's rotation
The total solar eclipse moves from the west coast to the east coast of the Americas as shown in the following figure from around 9 o'clock local time in the local time to around 16 o'clock in the evening. The shadow of the total solar eclipse moves at a speed of about 570 km / h by traveling over a distance of about 4000 km over 7 hours, but the Earth plane theorists are casting doubt on the mechanism.

Here is the relationship between "the rotation speed of the earth" and "the speed of the earth's moon". The Earth rotates around 24 hours, whereas the moon circles around the earth in about 27 days. As it is drawn in the CG of the following movie, from a certain point of the universe, for example, the Japanese archipelago will always show its appearance once a day, but the moon will be the same only after about 27 days You will not come back to the place.

Why the 2017 Solar Eclipse Proves Flat Earth ONCE AND FOR ALL! - YouTube

In other words, since the surface of the Earth rotating at high speed is moving faster than the speed of the moon turning around the earth over 27 days, the shadow of the total solar eclipse can not overtake the earth's rotation This is the part where the Earth planner disputes.

However, I think that this way of thinking can be completely explained physically. The area that is moving the fastest by the rotation of the earth is the area right under the equator, but its speed is about 1670 km / h. The speed at which one moon revolves the earth is about 3400 km / h. In other words, it is said that this theory is completely explained by the fact that the moving speed of the Moon is twice as fast as the Earth's rotation speed.

◆ The size of the moon's shadow can not be smaller than the moon itself
Another question raised by the earth planarist is that the size of the moon's shadow caused by blocking the sun's light as shown in the figure below can not be smaller than the original moon. According to this way of thinking, since the shadow of the moon should be larger than the moon no matter how it is thought, the explanation by the scientist is impossible, leading to the claim that it is a lie.

But this is also easy to explain scientifically and mathematically. The sun is a celestial body located at an extremely remote location of 149.6 million km from the earth, but its radius is about 700 thousand km, which is about 109 times the size of the Earth, making it a very big star. Therefore, despite being in a very far place, the light is reaching the earth as a "surface light source" instead of a "point light source". Therefore, when observing from the surface of the earth, the sun will appear to be larger than the moon, and the size of the shadow of the moon is smaller than the moon itself as the following figure shows.

What is the "suspicion" that the earth planarist has at its basis
In this way, although the question of the earth planarist is only those that can be explained by science, that "doubt" never clears anyway. Mr. Kleinman interviewed four earth planarists, but what came up among them was the keyword "devil theory" or "conspiracy theory". Charlie Flowers, one of the earth planarists, said, "This world is a fallen angelLuciferIt has been made up of lies by something that supports ", he told Kleinman. Mr. Flowers said he believes religious and political organizations in this world are under the control of the devil. In addition, the devil said that the fact that "the earth is flat" has diverted people's eyes and that the role given to them is "to awaken" as many such people .

Also, astronomers and others are giving advice "When you observe the total solar eclipse, you should not look directly to the sun", but for earth planarists this advice is also "not to show the real things to people It is an attempt to become "to do."

Those who believe in contemporary science, these claims which no longer seems comical but Kleinman thought that this overlaps with the tendency of people who support President Trump. However, it seems from the earth planarist that "I do not support playing cards, I have not voted for him, and I have not voted for Hillary (· Clinton)", which seems to be a surprising thinking. In other words, it seems that the truth behind them is the distrust of existing society. A certain earth planarist said, "Do not believe me, do not believe what I am talking about, but research it myself, that is what I want you to do" Kleinman concludes that he strongly expresses his way of thinking.

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