It turns out that there is no effect to strengthen the function of the brain in the brain train appli "Lumosity"

Neuroscientist invented the memory and attention to strengthen the brain training app "LumosityAs a result of investigating what kind of change will appear in the cognitive ability of the brain after playing "Lumosity", as a result of playing Lumosity, it is the same as after playing a normal video game and what effect it has on cognitive ability I understood that it was not.

No Effect of Commercial Cognitive Training on Neural Activity During Decision-Making | Journal of Neuroscience

Study: Lumosity boosts brain function as much as normal video games-by 0% | Ars Technica

Lumosity is a brain training game thought by scientists. More than 85 million users worldwide are playing,IOSYaAndroidEach of the applications published for the purpose has gained a highly rated review. In Lumosity's original research, people seem to have seen improvements in comprehensive assessment of cognitive abilities after play.

A research team led by Mr. Joseph Cable, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, strengthened its ability to make decisions and select risks by activating the brain by a brain training game like Lumosity, potentially causing alcoholism And hypothesis that it may have a positive influence on unhealthy customs such as eating too much. In past research it is found that as the area responsible for the brain's execution function improves, better compensation decisions can be made and lower risk selection can be made. Cable et al. Thought that brain training games may be a boost to this research.

The research team gathered 128 randomly chosen young people and played Lumosity once for 30 minutes, 5 times a week for 10 weeks, and a group playing video games completely unrelated to brain training at the same frequency I divided it into groups to play. Before playing each game, I was receiving a cognitive ability test, but after 10 weeks I got cognitive ability test andFMRIAs a result of examining changes in brain functions, neither group found little improvement in cognitive function of the brain.

Since the results of the cognitive ability tests in both groups tended to improve slightly, the research team created "a group not doing nothing" consisting of 35 additional participants. As a result of receiving a cognitive ability test around 10 weeks, the result of the cognitive ability test improved even in the group who did not play any games. This shows that the results do not get influenced by brain trashes and video games, but are getting better as they get cognitive ability tests.

This survey showed that brain training games have no effect on the cognitive function of the brain but because the participants were young people with a mean age of 25 years old, they said, "For those who suffer from old people and addictive / unhealthy customs There is a possibility that it will be effective against it, "the research team says. In addition, Lumosity has not been able to recognize the effect of "brain power training" before, and the Federal Trade Commission of the United States imposed a fine of 2 million dollars (about 240 million yen).

The effect of "brain power training" is not recognized and the service provider is given a fine of about 200 million yen - GIGAZINE

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