Red is patenting pending housing system that turns the world's first holographic suffix "Hydrogen One" into a digital cinema camera

Red Digital Cinema Camera Company (Red), a digital cinema camera manufacturer for professional use, is the world's first "holographic display" equipped smartphone "Hydrogen OneWe suddenly announced and discussed the subject. Despite not being revealed what kind of smart phone it is, only the price from 1195 dollars (about 13,500 yen) is announced, etc. It is a mysterious Hydrogen One, but Red uses Hydrogen One for professional use It is clarified from the patented patent application that it has a plan to make it the "brain" of the camera.

RED's modular Hydrogen One phone looks even crazier in its patent application - The Verge

The Verge investigated the patent technology that Red is pending in order to guess what kind of technology is adopted for the mysterious smartphone "Hydrogen One" which is planned to be sold at a relatively high price range By the way, patented patent technology "Modular Digital Camera and Cellular Phone (modular digital camera and mobile phone)" was discovered.

A modular housing that can transform a smartphone into a high-performance digital single lens reflex camera is patented by Red.

On the back side, you can see the viewfinder and physical buttons, etc. It is a mechanism to incorporate smartphones such as Hydrogen One inside the case of the central rectangular parallelepiped.

Hydrogen One itself built into a cuboid case also has a gimmicky. It seems that it can be used so as to stack a thin terminal of the same size as Hydrogen One.

These thin terminals are camera modules and batteries for smartphones, and by combining them to overlap, it is a mechanism that can enhance the performance of Hydrogen One.

The final form of a digital cinema camera system centered on smartphones looks like this.

Because Red is a manufacturer that mainly sells professional use digital camera, it is no wonder to develop a camera housing for professionals, but it is obtained by making a core terminal a smart phone instead of a high-performance camera The merit is not clear. If you want high image quality, it is often advantageous to throw away the general versatility of the module type and design it for exclusive use, and even more, it is unknown from these materials whether there is merit to utilize the smartphone dare.

Considering that Hydrogen One is a relatively expensive smartphone, is there a user who asks users to change smartphones to digital cinema level cameras until they invest much more expenses, first of all, is there a smartphone in a complex mechanism If we incorporate it into the company, it will definitely disappear from usability, and what kind of needs are you targeting? It seems that we can not even measure The Verge for Red's intention.

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