"Sci-Hub" that enables free download of academic papers will be ordered about 1.7 billion yen of reparation

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A search engine that bypasses a fee-based academic paper search service and enables scientific articles for research purposes to be downloaded directly to hand at no cost "Sci-Hub"The developer was ordered to pay $ 15 million (about 1.67 billion yen) from the court for copyright violations.

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Sci-Hub, a paper search engine for researchers, is a service that enables publishers to directly download papers by avoiding paid services. Founded in 2011 by Alexandra Elbakyan, a graduate student in Kazakhstan, while being praised by the scientific community for enhancing accessibility to science, it has become a critic of several publishers. Then, in 2015, Elsevier, an academic publisher, published its full-text database "ScienceDirectI filed an appeal against Sci-Hub due to infringement of copyright on.

A woman in the photo is Mr. Alexandra Elbakyan.

What is it with Sci-Hub? It is possible to read detailed contents such as below from below.

Pirated site "Sci-Hub" which makes 47 million research papers readable for "scientific development" for free - GIGAZINE

In addition, you can read how the Sci-Hub affects publishers from the following articles. In the user questionnaire "What is the reason for using Sci-Hub and similar services?", 23% answered that "publisher is opposed to making profits", the standing position of the publishing industry changed I can hear that it is in progress.

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In this ruling, the court orders Elbakyan to pay reparations and to close the website, but even in previous trials Sci-Hub has been closed in the same ruling There is a lot of view that the domain will be closed this time because it is continuing while moving the domain from the original "sci-hub.org" to "sci-hub.cc" at the time of article creation I am occupying.

Sci-Hub: removing barriers in the way of science

Developer Elbakyan has not commented on the ruling this time, but he did not intend to pay damages against the previous trial and was willing to accept lawsuit proceedings. On the other hand, Maria Pallante of the American Association of Publishers said, "As the final judgment shows, the court did not misunderstand the illegal activities for public interest, the accused's activities are overwhelming It was recognized as an illegal act, and this ruling supported the important role of science research and copyright law in public interest. "

Mr. Elbakyan's activities have a belief that "information on the internet should not be a paywall", and after arrested by federal authorities they committed suicide at the age of 26Aaron SwartzSometimes it is said to succeed Mr.'s will. "The scientific and cultural heritage of the world has been published as a magazine and a book for hundreds of years, digitized and confined by a handful of private enterprises, and a scientific paper describing prominent research results, We have to pay a lot of money to a company like Elsevier in order to read it, "he said, calling for open access to information. Mr. Elbakyan himself initially did not set the goal of "liberalization of knowledge", but instead put a website to purely ease the lives of researchersI told you to make it, But later discovered that tools to change such research methods are very important. And as we hear a number of opinions about Sci-Hub, "Really unethical behavior is to restrict access to scientific information, because it is done for money" He seemed to have thought and an ethical dilemma would not exist in Mr. ElbakyanArs TechnicaI am spelling.

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