What the winner of the Microsoft Table Tennis Competition saw with Bill Gates and Satya Nadera

ByNima Badiey

"Bulletin board for startup"Capital & Growth"Founder of Jasper Clear won the table tennis tournament of Microsoft developers decades ago. Mr. Clear who received the honor to play table tennis with Bill Gates and Mr. Harry Sham, the current vice president for five minutes as a winner looks back on what he learned at the table tennis competition.

The Day I Played Bill Gates & Satya at Ping-Pong - What I Learned

This is a picture of the time, Mr. Clear who is a striped shirt sitting in front. Together with Bill Gates, behind the picture is the current CEOSatia NaderaThe figure of Mr. is also shown.

Appearance of Mr. Gates & Siam playing table tennis.

What Clear learned through table tennis tournaments is that "Teamwork". Mr. Clear lost in the last game, but thanks to his team mates Nichols and St. Hill winning, I was able to win the team in the tournament. Regarding Mr. Knir at the time, Mr. Clear said "He pushed the team to a level he had never seen before in the championship," he said in the 1997 NBA final 5th game, remaining game time 25 I compared it to Michael Jordan who decided three points in seconds.

The second is "The power of genuine praise". Developer Jaydeep Mehta, who heard that Bill Gates will participate in this tournament, wrote to the tournament overnight in a letter saying how much Gates's presence was inspiring himself during the childhood he spent in India, I read it in front of Gates et al. On the day. This was not included in the event schedule, but it seems that the people around him listened quietly. From the words of Mr. Gates after hearing this letter, Mr. Clear says "The letter struck Mr. Gates's mind" and said, "Even if we succeed anyway, my heartfelt admiration is always He said that he felt that he was striking his opponent's heart.

ByGarry Knight

The end is "humility". Mr. Satia Nadera, who was in the back of the venue, declined the requested speech and told the moderator to continue talking as it is. Clearly felt that Mr. Nadera's behavior was unusual, as "emphasis on" visible "is important at Microsoft. Later, when asking Mr. Nadera about this time, Mr. Nadera said "Leadership is a very easy-to-change privilege, there are many options for talented people who work for me, As I can leave, I treat them like volunteers who work for free. " Mr. Clear has learned "humility" from Mr. Nadera's judgment that the main character of the table tennis tournament is the participant of the tournament to the last, it is not the curtain of itself.

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