IOS 11 has a "Wi-Fi share function" that allows you to invite a friend to one-tap on Wi-Fi that you are connected to

WWDC 2017In "iOS 11" announced at "iOS 11", you can send a Wi - Fi password that you are connected to a nearby friend with a one tap "Wi-Fi sharing function"Is present, and it is confirmed what function 9 to 5 Mac which installed beta version for developers is actually functioning.

Easily share your WiFi with friends on iOS 11, automatically sends passwords to nearby devices | 9to5Mac

It becomes the latest version of iOS "IOS 11", Various functions such as remittance with iMessages were announced. New functions such as "automatic setup" that automatically reads personal settings and preference settings by simply bringing new iPhones and iPads closer to the iOS device or Mac you used previouslyPreview pageIt is open to the public.

According to 9to 5 Mac, as one of the functions of automatic setup, "Wi-Fi sharing function" which can share Wi-Fi password with one tap will be available on iPhone or iPad. For example, if you bring an iPhone that has never connected to the same Wi-Fi to an iPad connected to Wi-Fi, it will automatically pop up with "Share Your Wi-Fi" (share your Wi-Fi) It will be. Tap "Send Password" ......

"Sending ..." will change display.

The Wi - Fi password you connected with iPad in a few seconds will be wirelessly sent to your iPhone, allowing iPhone to connect to Wi - Fi without entering a password keyboard. Please note that iOS 11 must be installed on both terminals in order to use this function. When you asked a friend who visited your home for the first time in the future, when you are asked to "connect to Wi-Fi", troublesome work such as pulling the router out and showing the sticker stuck on the back side is no longer necessary, smart with one tap It will be possible to share Wi-Fi.

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