About Toshiba's acquisition of semiconductor memory business It is reported that Apple and Amazon are in collaboration with Hon Hai camp

ToshibaIn the matter but who are planning the sale of the semiconductor memory business, clearly a policy of Guo stage inscription chairman of Hon Hai Precision Industry, which is one of the groups participating in the bid (Foxconn) is, to work with, such as Apple · Amazon and financial I made it.

Toshiba Semiconductor, Hon Hai Top "Invested by Amazon · Apple": Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Apple, Amazon to back Foxconn on Toshiba chip bid, Gou says - Nikkei Asian Review

As candidates for buyers of Toshiba's semiconductor memory business, in addition to Hon Hai, Broadcom of American semiconductor manufacturers, SK Hynix, Korea's semiconductor manufacturer SK Hynix, Industrial Innovation Organization and the American Fund · KKR "Japan-US Alliance" In addition to a total of four groups bidding, Western Digital, which is conducting a joint venture between Toshiba and the semiconductor memory business, has been urged to discontinue sales to the International Arbitration Tribunal from the opposition to rival Broadcom.

According to Guo, the bidding amount of Hon Hai is over 2 trillion yen, which is the highest, and that funds are provided not only by Hon Hai but also by Apple and Amazon. Until now, Apple and Amazon were rumored to be interested in Toshiba's semiconductor memory business, but it has become apparent for the first time in this comment by Mr. Guo, who is involved in bidding It was.

Toshiba is planning to sell the semiconductor memory business in order to eliminate excessive debt, and I would like to decide the selling party during June 2017, but as each group's speculation is involved, the future of the situation is still It is opaque.

According to the report so far, Western digital said that it is talking to join the "Japan-US Alliance" but that Western Digital wants to take over the majority and intend to hold the initiative I am in a difficult plane.

Since conditions are not presented from the "Japan-US Alliance", it was reported on June 6 (Tuesday) that Toshiba entered the adjustment in the direction to give priority to negotiating rights to broadcom, which is showing favorable conditions It is.

Adjusted with priority negotiation rights to U.S. broadcom Toshiba Memory to sell to: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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