On Windows 10 S it turns out that Google Chrome can not be installed

Microsoft announcedLightweight Windows "Windows 10 S"It is said to be OS to counter Google's Chromebook. All software running on Windows 10 S needs to be downloaded from the Windows store and installed, but it seems that the Google Chrome browser can not be registered in this store.

Google Chrome may not be able to come to Windows 10 S, even if Google wanted to - MSPoweruser

Google Chrome will not be allowed on Windows 10 S | ZDNet

In order to publish the application in the Windows store, Microsoft has providedDesktop bridgeConvert existing software using Microsoft's tool set and submit it to Microsoft for review. Evernote and Slack of work chat application are already published through this procedure, Office 2016 and Spotify are scheduled to be released in the near future.

For Google that seems to be a conflict, Mozzila to develop Firefox, Opera, and other independent software vendors, you should be able to convert the software using this mechanism, but in many cases it will be submitted by Microsoft's review It is said that there are cases where it is rejected.

Eric Lawrence, who belongs to Chrome's security team, suggests that the reason appears to be in the Windows Store contract published on March 29, 2017 7.3.

This points to the "security" item of the Windows Store policy.

Windows Store Policies - Windows app development

10.2 Security
Your app must not jeopardize or compromise user security, or the security or functionality of the device, system or related systems.

Apps that browse the web must use the appropriate HTML and JavaScript engines provided by the Windows Platform.

The contents of "10.2" and "10.2.1" are translated as follows.

· 10.2 Security
Software should not endanger or compromise the security of user security or of the functionality of devices, systems and related systems.

· 10.2.1
The web browsing application must use the appropriate HTML engine and JavaScript engine provided by the Windows platform.

Regarding this matter, Microsoft spokesperson said, "All Windows store content needs to be certified by Microsoft in order to keep quality experience and device safe.This policy introduced earlier this year According to the user, the browser that the user chooses in the store will ensure protection and safeguard by our Windows platform.If you want to use the application from outside the Windows store, please use Windows 10 Pro " I am announcing a statement.

Examples of developers who actually rejected applications from Microsoft have also been made clear. A vendor developing Google's Chromium-based desktop version browser submitted an application to Microsoft, as well as rejecting it. A Microsoft representative who was in charge of reviewing the reasons said, "The browser installed from the store must have the best security in its default state, like the Microsoft Edge,Universal Windows platform (UWP)It can be said that it is secure only if it is an application. On the other hand, the converted application has a pseudo-component such as registry and file system redirection, and because the authority is very strong (Capability runFullTrust), by exiting Microsoft's sandbox (security area) It will be regarded as an application "and the answer of the purpose is returned.

Conversion of desktop application to UWP application - Windows application development

Using the HTML engine and JavaScript engine provided by the vendor as a prerequisite is the same in the application development environment on iOS and it is not unusual at all. Of course it is possible for Google to develop the UWP version of Chrome from scratch, but from the perspective of Google's past it seems that the possibility of this will be unlikely.

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