The governor declared that the street of Bangkok will be cleared from the street within 2017

Bangkok stalls are loved by travelers around the world as cheap and delicious local food in Thailand, one of the world's leading tourist powers. However, the city of Bangkok plans to remove all the stalls from the streets of Bangkok within 2017 on the grounds of sanitation and the beautification of the town.

BMA bans all street food across Bangkok this year

Is Bangkok really banning street food? -

The best street food on the planet, but Bangkok bans its roadside stalls | World news | The Guardian

On the street stalls in Bangkok, it is gaining popularity from tourists all over the world because it can buy tasty food at very low prices. Food stalls are also supported as "the taste of the common people" used not only for tourists but also for local residents, and it is indispensable for talking about the town of Bangkok.

However, the dishes served on stalls are not hygienic at all, and because they occupy the street without permission, people who interfere with the pedestrians and who wait for the bus are forced to stand on the road and have problems It is also a fact that the stalls were the attraction of Thailand's great country Thailand and at the same time it was a duality that it is also an element that attracts attraction from the viewpoint of beautification.

In Bangkok, Swandue One Rop Governor on April 18, 2017, to the local paper The Nation, "We are working to eliminate all roadside sellers in 50 districts in Bangkok and regain the roads to pedestrians" The Bangkok government authorities have revealed that it is planning to eliminate all the streets on the street within 2017. There are more than 200 stalls in Bangkok's world backpackers, which is one of the places symbolizing Bangkok's stalls, but one-lap governor said that there is no exception, It is a stance to embark on the clean-up of the stall of Khao San Road.

Nonetheless, the stalls in Bangkok have supported the life of the poor as a small business that can be started with a small amount of origin without obtaining permission. The Bangkok metropolitan authorities are calling on stalls that occupy streets without permission to move to stores, but in reality it is virtually impossible to shift to stores because they can not pay rent.

"The stall of Bangkok is not annoying, it is the tourism resource itself attracting a lot of people, rather contributing to the town", and the opinion that it is rather contributing to the town is also persistent, and the street food tour targeting the stall is the Thai economy 15 There is also statistic that it occupies%. Since Bangkok metropolitan authorities have failed attempting to purge out stalls for some time, it is uncertain whether future operations of Bangkok Municipal Street Stall Exclusion Mission will go smoothly.

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