Designers release concept movie "Ghost in the Shell" concept art, logo design, demonstration video and more

"Ghost in the Shell" live-action filmed work "Ghost in the Shell"Will be released from 7th April 2017 (Friday). Mr. Ash Soap, who participated as a concept artist and designer in this work, has released a spectacular town, gadgets that appear, and how to design the logo on their own site. By the way, Mr. Soorp will in 2014"GHOST IN THE SHELL / Ghost in the Shell" fan movie "Project 2501"We are publishing.


The site is divided into several items. In making the movie, Mr. Soap met with Rupert Sunders at a very early stage and heard the idea of ​​decorating the city with a new form of neon light. It is also called a "solid hologram" and it is called "SOLOGRAMS (Sorogrum)".

In the item of "CITY", the appearance of the city that made the thing in line with the vision of director Sanders while leaving the essence of original cartoon and animation is released. It seems that I imagined that this streetscape was imaged as a psychedelic journey that swayed between AR (Augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) by being colored with Sorogram.

Item of "PROPS". Designs of Major Bikes, Batou rides, guns and the like are released.

In the item of "CAMO", early results of simulation conducted by Mr. Soor with Chris Bjerre on how the thermo-optic camouflage suit used by Major is activated will be released.

Much poster design that Mr. Soor and Mr. Maciej Kuciara went. Although it was finally designed not to be used, they said that they enjoyed this work.

While dedicating a tribute to original cartoons / animation, a variety of new logos for this movie were thought.

Also, on the site, a demonstration video that edited the sequence and images made for the movie was made public. Franck Deron was responsible for editing the video.


"Ghost in the shell" participated as lead, concept artist Maciej Kuciara and Vitaly Bulgarov. The page of "Ghost in the Shell" is also made on the site of Mr. Kuviara, but information like Mr. Soap has not been posted so far.

Ghost in the Shell - MACIEJ KUCIARA

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