To bring inboard aircraft, such as notebook PCs and tablets, in a limited direction

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Obviously it is a policy to temporarily restrict electronic equipment that can be brought into the aircraft by U.S. Department of Transportation Security (TSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on routes to UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc. became. The UK is also in tune with this movement.

TSA, DHS Will Bar Electronic Devices on Some Overseas Flights - NBC News

US bans tablets and laptops on flights from eight Muslim-majority countries - The Verge

This rule applies to the route between the Middle Eastern 8 countries and the United States. The list of countries is the following eight.
· Qatar
·Saudi Arabia

The rule states that it does not apply to airlines based in the US, and the following nine airlines are affected.
· Royal · Jordanian Airways
· Egyptian Airways
· Turkish Airlines (Turkish Airlines)
· Saudia (Saudi Airways)
· Kuwait Airways
· Royal Air · Morocco
· Qatar Airways
· Emirates Airlines
· Etihad Airways

Each airline has a delay of 96 hours before accepting the rules, while DHS will respond to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to cancel the airline 's landing permission to the US if it does not accept it about.

Prior to this information being clarified, Royal Jordan Airlines said "On March 20th (Monday)," Notebook PCs and other electronic equipment, except for mobile phones and mobile phones for medical reasons, customers You will not be able to bring it in the room "Guide for passengers on Twitter · FacebookAfter that, posts have been deleted.

It is reported by the BBC that similar measures can be taken in the UK.

UK flight ban on electronic devices announced - BBC News

However, the target countries are Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in common, but there are other Lebanese and Tunisia additions. On the other hand, Qatar etc. are out of the target.

According to BBC, although it is acceptable to bring a general smartphone in the cabin, it seems that it will be prohibited to bring in a notebook PC, tablet or a device larger than 16 cm × 9.3 cm. It seems that it does not seem to be divided depending on the presence or absence of the communication function, and beyond this size it is prohibited to carry in even a portable game machine or a DVD player.

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