Sex improves work performance

Researchers at Oregon State University have made a research report that 'full sexual life leads to higher work motivation and satisfaction and improved quality.'

From the Bedroom to the Office Journal of Management

Maintaining an active sex life may lead to improved job satisfaction, engagement in work | News and Research Communications | Oregon State University

To investigate the impact of sex on work, Associate Professor Keith Leevitt's research team at Oregon State University tracked 159 married employees over a two-week period, answering two daily questionnaires. As a result, it was found that the employee's motivation and satisfaction with work increased in the morning of the day after having sex. The results were the same between men and women, and it was found that they were significant even considering the marital status and the quality of sleep.

The same survey also found that bringing work stress home has a negative impact on the sexual life of employees. The negative impact on sexual life by bringing work into private life may result in a decrease in work motivation, and according to Prof. Rebitt, who specializes in the management of organizational behavior, it is on the business side That it might be a loss. In the modern society where smartphones are spread and emails are required to respond even after working hours, Professor Lebitt points out that it is important to leave work at work rather than return home.

'The results of this study remind us of the social, mental, and physiological benefits of sex, and it is important to prioritize sex,' said Reigt. You should spend time on sex. ' It seems to be initially strange to manage sleep, measure walking distance every day, and actively incorporate meditation as part of an effort to live a healthy and productive life for decades. Although the method is practiced by many people as usual, it is likely that in the near future, there will be an era of efforts to actively sex from potential advantages in career formation.

At the Swedish city council, a bill was submitted saying 'Don't have an hour break for sex while working?' And it became a topic, but it may not be out of the way.

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