It turned out that the chromosome of a child raised in a poor family environment is aged from the average


It is at the end of the chromosome that carries human genetic informationTelomereThe portion called "short" each time the cell divides, is used as a measure of chromosome aging. Telomere should be divided and repetitively divided with human growth and time, but it turned out that the telomeres of young children who grew up in a poor environment were measured to be shorter than the average.

Social disadvantage, genetic sensitivity, and children's telomere length

Harsh world makes kids' chromosomes look middle - aged - health - 07 April 2014 - New Scientist

Adult telomere suffering from social stress and suffering from depression may be shorter than those of healthy people, and the length of telomeres is not limited to cell aging but also how stressful the cells are with It becomes an indicator of the existence. The joint research team of the University of Michigan, York University, Princeton University, Pennsylvania State University, Columbia University, studied whether telomere of children who are not adults is affected by mental stress, low income, education shortage, unstable We conducted a survey to measure the length of 20-year-old men of 9 years old who grew up in problematic environments and homes, such as parents and families, and 20 men boys, who grew up in a common family.

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The reason why the subjects are only boys is that men are more sensitive to stress on the environment than girls. As a result of the survey, it was found that the telomeres of children raised by mothers who experienced one or more divorce were about 40% shorter than those of non-divorced families, and graduated from university or vocational school I also found that the telomeres of children raised by their mothers are about 35% longer than those of their mothers who are not.

"The environment will have a major impact on the lives and health of young children. The survey results that the telomeres of children raised in a bad environment were shorter than that of children in general families, let's improve the living environment of children from a young age We will gather the attention of people and organizations that are working with them, "said Daniel Notterman, who was part of the research team. Mr. Notterman emphasizes that the findings are interesting, but is showing a cautious stance, "It is not that the length of telomere and the environment that grew up was not clear."

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Children's Medical Research InstituteAccording to Dr. Hilda Pickett who is studying telomere at telomeres, it is shocking fact that the telomeres, which originally divide and shorten as time passes, telomere is already shorter at a young age of 9 years about.

It is possible that this survey result will be the first step to clarify its mechanism "Why telomere will be shortened by stress" that was enveloped in a mysterious veil up to now, biological rhythm · neuroendocrine · Involved in sleeping / temperature regulation etcSerotoninAnd involvement in exercise and hormonal control, motivation, learning, etc.DopamineIt is the key to simultaneously study how telomere and mental stress are involved in the relationship.

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Notterman says, "In this survey, the small number of subjects was often discussed, so next time we will be experimenting with 1,000 boys up to the age of 15," he said. Whether the relationship between telomere and stress has not been clarified until then will be expected.

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