How to generate diamonds from peanut butter

ByDenise Krebs

Diamonds are gems with high value and you need to pay a high price to get it. German geophysicists have discovered how to create diamonds from "familiar food" Peanut Butter ".

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Geophysicists Are Turning Peanut Butter Into Diamond Gemstones | Popular Science

Dan Frost of Bayerisches Geoinstitut, a research institute of mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, geophysics etc., is a scientist who studies to simulate the state of the lower mantle of the earth. The lower mantle is situated under the 1,800 mile (about 2900 km) from the surface of the earth and has a fierce environment of high heat of 4000 degrees Celsius (about 2,200 degrees Celsius) and 1.3 million times the pressure of the air on the surface. In simulating these underground environments, Frost discovered innovative diamond production methods in 2014.

Mr. Frost had hypothesized the history that diamond was born, "Ancient rock sucked up carbon dioxide from the ocean." Rocks containing carbon dioxide sink into the mantle over time, but oxygen is separated from rock carbon dioxide under high pressure. As a result, although pure carbon remains, carbon is changed to diamond by the action of high heat and high pressure of the lower mantle. These were hypotheses to the last, but Mr. Frost discovered that diamonds were produced as hypothesized when reproducing the environment of the lower mantle.

Since carbon is contained in all food and creatures, Mr. Frost has experimented with peanut butter and succeeded in producing superb diamonds. However, since hydrogen is bonded to the carbon contained in peanut butter, it is said that in the process of applying to the environment of the lower mantle, it takes more time to generate diamond than pure carbon. Even when the experimental situation is the best, it is slow to convert to diamonds, Mr. Frost said, "It will be necessary to wait several weeks to make a piece of diamond of 2 to 3 mm."

However, this diamond production method is thought to be useful as well as "gem jewel acquisition", and by modifying the material of the diamond production process, it is possible to make superconductors for industrial use superior to the conventional, It is expected to produce forgotten diamonds.


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