Is Morse code efficient?

ByNick Hubbard

Symbols with different lengths are combined to represent letters and numbersMorse codeIs designed so that the most frequently used letters are represented by the shortest code. Therefore, as long as less frequently used letters are to be written, the length of the characters will be longer, so that mathematiciansJohn D. CookFrom the frequency of the letters and the length of the signal, how much is the efficiency of the Morse code? I am asking about that.

How efficiently does Morse code encode letters?

The relationship between the length and frequency of the signal when the alphabet is represented by Morse code is as follows, and "Length (length)" is counted with "·" as 1 beat and "-" as 3 beats . It is true that the length of the most frequent "E" signal is "1", which is the shortest. The frequency of use of the characters used in the table below isResearch conducted by GoogleIt is based on that.

In addition, Morse codeMinistry of Internal Affairs and Communications Radio Station Operation Rules"Two longs are three times as long as tons (short marks)" "A space between one code and one code is spaced apart by one short mark" "Between letters and letters, three short symbols It is said that it is operated with the rule of "leave an interval of minutes" and "the interval between words is spaced at intervals of seven short segments", but Cook sought that Chofu and short- There is a document that counts not to count the interval between, and Cook says it is not counted.

If you check each word in this manner, it is reasonable that E is set to the shortest signal, but "O" indicates that the signal is long although it is used frequently. It clearly has room for improvement.

When the length of the code is multiplied, the average value is 45,268. However, Cook says that by sorting the code you can lower the value to 4,525. In other words, the efficiency of Morse code can be increased by at least 9% with reference to length.

According to Cook, the relationship between Morse code code and frequency goes down as it goes down in the table below. Although it seems that it is unlikely that it was necessary to consider the length because it is not used frequently, on the other hand, even those with high frequency of use also have mysterious points in relation to length. Cook sees whether this is caused by factors other than efficiency in the course of code creation.

As for Cook 's doubt, part of the answer is written in the comment section of the article. According to the former Navy soldier's written, "In fact the content of everyday conversation is not used directly as Morse code,CQIn addition to the abbreviated sign such as the encrypted content is expressed as Morse code, the usage frequency of letters in everyday life does not directly correspond to the frequency of use of letters of Morse code "Morse code in the United States and international standards Morse code is a bit different, so we need to take that into consideration. "

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