The illusion image in which the strawberry appears to be red although it is actually gray is on the topic of boiling

Just two years ago in 2015 "Although it is the same clothes, it looks different from person to personDress (Photography)"Has become a hot topic all over the world. This is "using the optical illusion of the eye"Illusion"Although it was a type of, as of the end of February 2017, an illusion image in which strawberry looks red even though it is not using red color, which is different from the dress, has become a hot topic on SNS.

This Picture Has No Red Pixels-So Why Do The Strawberries Still Look Red? - Motherboard

The topic is a picture attached to the following tweets. Matthew Lieberman, a neuroscientist at the University of California Los Angeles, posted the image. In the tweet, "This picture does not use red pixel, this is a wonderful demo of color homeostasis by Professor Kitaoka Aka."

As Lieberman revealed in the tweet, this image was created by Professor Kitaoka of Ritsumeikan University. Professor Kitaoka posted similar pictures from her own Twitter account, and Lieberman seems to have processed it so that strawberries look more reddish and uploaded it on Twitter.

Many Twitter users who saw this photo have confirmed the pixels of the picture saying "Are not red pixels really used in strawberries?" Among these verifications, the thing which is particularly easy to understand is that the color used for strawberries is placed on the white background (the right end of the image) in the following image. By doing this, you can see that the strawberries are gray rather than red.

This strawberry illusion is "Color constancyIt is what used it. "Color homeostatics" is simply a phenomenon in which the same object is perceived as the same color stably without being dragged by the color of the illumination light even if the illumination light conditions change.

Normally, when the human eye catches an object, two different wavelengths, "the color of the object" and "the color of the light illuminating it" jump into the eye. For example, when you see a red apple under blue sky, the red color of the apple and the blue color of the blue sky will come into your eyes. However, even if you look at incandescent lamps, LEDs, outdoors etc. wherever apple is red, the color of the light source comes into my eyes, but so that the brain does not contaminate the color of the object caught by the eyes, It will correct the color.

In other words, in the case of illusion of strawberry, the brain interprets "the light source in the place where we are watching strawberries contains a blue component", corrects the image in the brain, in fact makes the strawberry which is not red look red That's why they are.National Eye Institute"This illusion is greatly helped by the fact that we recognize that" strawberry is red "," said Bevill Conway, a visual recognition expert working at Santa Clara, California.

However, it seems that it is an ambiguous part whether the brain converted to red because it recognizes the color of strawberries, and the following exchange was done between Professor Kitaoka and one Twitter user.

In addition to strawberries, Professor Kitaoka has created an illusionary image that uses color homeostasis, and has come to be seen from the following pages.

Color constancy

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