Yusuya Yuusuke's "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" The appearance of Kotaro Kujo who plays in a live-action film is lifted

The visual release of the film "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamonds Can not Break" on August 4, 2017 is finally the last to be released, and the visual of Kotaro Kujo who plays by Yuzuke Iseya has been lifted.

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In the original, Yutaro is the hero of Part 3 · Stardust Crusaders. Yamazaki Kenjin plays "The diamond can not be broken" is the leading character of the main character · Toyosuke Tozo's "older nephew", it is the existence that leads Shosuke.

Mr. Iseya was a fan of the original before, and to Seitaro was "I was horribly longing since junior high school". That's why he said, "Rintaro and Iseya Yuusuke are completely different personality, so it was difficult to bridge the gap."

Regarding shooting in Sitges, Spain, "In Spain I was able to shoot in a refreshing mood that I can not taste in Japan. I am expecting that because JoJo's costume is familiar and I do not feel any discomfort because I am in the city. "My idea of ​​Mike Mike's idea is overwhelmingly exciting and I enjoyed it," and I'd like to see the completed video as soon as possible.

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