A quad copter that can float in the air with the power of a rotating magnet

Quad-cotter floating in the air by "rotating magnet" rather than "rotating wing" was created. This mechanism"Hyper loop concept" running at 1,200 km / hAlthough it does not fly high, it is also used for, but you can see that it is firmly stabilized in a floating state.

Electromagnetic Levitation Quadcopter - YouTube

It is an object that is hard to express with machines of a shape that I can not imagine very much. Weighs 47.6 kg. It is Mr. Casey Handmer of Hyper Loop that is working hard to lift.

The four black lumps installed at the bottom of a plate like a top board are motors.

Magnets are installed at the tip of the motor, near the floor, and it is designed to rotate.

Connecting the power supply ......

The magnet rotated and the object began to float.

Even if you hold down from above it will not land. Because there is no rotating wing, I feel like I am away from the expression quad capter, but it floats with the power of four rotating magnets.

This uses the same mechanism as the falling speed slows down when dropping the magnet into a copper cylinder.

A number of magnets are installed in the rotating body, and on the copper plate laid on the tableEddy currentIs born.

If the rotation speed is sufficient, floating in the air is realized by this rebound effect.

By the way, at this time the copper plate is heated. The electromagnetic cooker utilized this mechanism.

This is when the magnet is fixed and a good conductor aluminum plate is placed on it.

The floating power is strong, even if you put a weight, it floats. At this time, the temperature of the aluminum plate is hot enough to turn into steam when water is applied.

Rotating magnet that is used for levitation.

However, even if you just rotate the magnets side by side, you can not produce enough force to float.

Halbach array (Hullback sequence)By maximizing the magnetic field intensity with OK.

There are 12 magnets installed

In the Halbach array, the direction of each magnetic pole is like this.

thisMagnetic levitationThe mechanism of railway technology is also considered, in fact when the 2005 Aichi Expo was opened as Linimo. Applications of the same mechanism are considered for Hyper Loop too.

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