NASA officials born in the US due to President Cardin 's entry restrictions were detained at the airport

President Trump has signed the Presidential Decree to restrict immigration and refugees from certain seven countries to enter the United States,Hundreds of eligible subjects detained on airportIt was done. To this immigration policyVoice of the Silicon Valley companies opposing,Federal court issues temporary injunctionIt is developing to an exceptional situation that the NASA employee who was born in the country from the trip in the middle of the disturbance was also detained at the airport and was forced to unlock the iPhone It was.

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NASA born in the US and having American nationalityJet Propulsion LaboratoryScientist Sidd Bikkannavar left the United States for the South American trip on January 15 under the Obama administration, returned from Santiago in Chile after the Trump regime was established, and George Bush Intercontinental of Texas Arrived at Houston Airport. However, Mr. Bikkannavar was not allowed to enter the country due to President Trump 's entry restriction order, he was called in a separate room and was detained by the US Customs and Border Protection Bureau (CBP).

Mr. Bikkannavar explained that he was an official of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and had not only had an American passport without problems but also registered in the "Global Entry" issued by CBP which allows preliminary examination in advance In spite of that, I was not allowed to enter the country. A CBP official explained to Mr. Bikkannavar that he wrote a document entitled "Examination of Electronic Equipment" and it was necessary to confirm the internal information of iPhone which was provided by Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Meanwhile, Bikkannavar says that "iPhone is not allowed to publish the company-sponsored iPhone to the outside" because the iPhone contained business-sensitive confidential data of NASA, so careful not to look uncooperative with immigration examination Although it explained to, it was stubbornly asked for presentation of iPhone passcode.

CBP officials continued to explain, "I have authority to investigate electronic devices," and mentioned further detention and seizure of the iPhone, eventually Bikkannavar agreed to hand over the iPhone body and passcode to CBP. CBP officials took away the iPhone and returned after 30 minutes. In the meantime, I do not know what information in the iPhone was examined, what I was copied, etc. Bikkannavar will turn off the power at the same time as I receive the iPhone to bring it to the IT department of NASA with CBP checked It is said that.

Mr. Bikkannavar, who was finally allowed to enter the country, headed to NASA and reported a series of rioters to his boss, but he did not know what measures would be taken against exposing the iPhone including confidential information to the outside Thing. As for Bikkannavar's entry restrictions, it seems to have been explained that "Because there is a possibility of bringing in dangerous goods", it seems that baggage has never been examined at the time of immigration review. I do not know the reason why Bikkannavar was asked to check electronics despite Mr. Bikkannavar, but Mr. Bikkannavar presumes that "his name is from India".

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