How to directly specify the hidden category of Netflix and see it & Link list by category


Netflix does not display all the categories on the opened page, only the "user likely categories" which the algorithm guessed based on the browsing history are displayed. In some cases, you may not see the category you want to see, but there is also a way to specify your favorite category from the browser and display it.

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To directly specify the category of Netflix, first log in to Netflix in the browser.

Then click the appropriate category.



In addition, the number of each category can be confirmed from the following category list. You can also open the page by clicking the number. By the way, there are some untranslated category names, but it is stated as indicated by Netflix as confirmed at the time of article creation.

◆ Category List of Netflix
Action · Adventure:1365(With sub genre)
Action comedy:43040
SF action:1568
Suspense action:43048
Animation for adults:11881
African film:3761
Aliens SF:3327
Story of animals:5507
Anime:7424(With sub genre)
Action animation:2653
Comedy Animation:9302
Drama Animation:452
Anime Fantasy:11146
Theatrical Anime:3063
Anime horror:10695
SF animation:2729
TV anime series:6721
Art house movies:29764
Asian action:77232
Australian Film:5230
Class B horror movie:8195
Baseball movies:12339
Basketball Movies:12762
Belgian Film:262
Biography Documentary:3652
Biography Human drama:3179
Boxing Movies:12443
British movies:10757
British TV program · drama:52117
A bit odd movie:1252
Kids · Family:783
Flower movie:3960
Classic Action · Adventure:46576
Classic Comedies:31694
Classic Human Drama:29809
Classic Foreign Movies:32473
Nostalgic masterpieces:31574
Classic Musicals:32392
Classic love romance:31273
Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy:47147
Masterpiece Suspense:46588
Masterpiece TV program · drama:46553
Classic War Movies:48744
Classic Westerns:47465
Comedy:6548(With sub genre)
Comic Superhero:10118
Country & Western / Folk:1105
Courtroom Human Drama:2748
Creatures · monster works:6895
Criminal action:9584
Crime documentary:9875
Crime Human Drama:6889
Crime suspense:10499
Criminal TV program / drama:26146
Cult-like popular comedy:9434
A cult-like popular horror:10944
Cult-like popular film:7627
Cultically popular F. SF · Fantasy:4734
Cult series program · Drama:74652
Dark comedy:869
Underwater horror:45028
Disney Musicals:59433
documentary:6839(With sub genre)
Human drama:5763(With sub genre)
Human drama based on books:4961
Human drama based on real stories:3653
Holland Film:10606
Eastern European movies:5254
Kids Education:10659
Works of magnificent scale:52858
Experimental Movies:11079
Faith / Spiritual:26835
Faith / Spiritual Film:52804
Family movies:51056
Film noir:7687
Food · Travel program:72436
Football theme movies:12803
Foreign Action & Adventure:11828
Foreign Comedies:4426
Foreign Documentaries:5161
Foreign Dramas:2150
Foreign LGBT Movies:8243
Foreign Horror Movies:8654
Foreign films:7462
Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy:6485
Foreign Thrillers:10306
French movies:58807
Gang movies:31851
LGBT Human Drama:500
German Production Film:58886
Greek Movies:61115
History Documentary:5349
Horror comedy:89585
Horror:8711(With sub genre)
Independent action adventure:11804
Indie comedy:4195
Indie Human Drama:384
Indie Films:7077(With sub genre)
Indie series suspense:3269
Indian Film:10463
Irish movies:58750
Italian movies:8221
Domestic movies:10398(With sub genre)
Jazz & Easy Listening:10271
Kids Faith & amp; Spirituality:751423
Music for Kids:52843
Kids TV program:27346
Korean movies:5685
Korean TV program · drama:67879
Late Night · Comedy:1402
South America / Movie:1613
Latin Music:10741
Martial Arts · Martial Arts:8985
Martial Arts · Boxing · Wrestling:6695
Middle Eastern movies:5875
Army · War action:2125
Military documentary:4006
Military · War action action Human drama:11
Military TV program · drama:25804
Mini series:4814
Pseudo documentary:26
Monster movie:947
Movie based on children's writing:10056
0 to 2 year old subject movie:6796
2 to 4 year old subject movie:6218
5 to 7 year old target movie:5455
8 to 10 year old subject movie:561
11 to 12 year old subject movie:6962
Music · Concert Documentary:90361
New Zealand Film:63782
History · historical drama:12123
Political comedy:2700
Political Documentary:7018
Political Human Drama:6616
Political thriller:10504
Psycho thriller:5505
A little unusual love romance:36103
Reality program:9833
Religious Documentaries:10005
Rock · Pop Concert:3278
Romantic comedy:5475
Romantic human drama:1255
Popular love romance:502675
Romantic Foreign Movies:7153
Indie Love Romance:9916
Love Romance:8883(With sub genre)
Russian Film:11567
Evil movies:6998
Scandinavian / movie:9292
SF · Fantasy:1492(With sub genre)
SF Adventure:6926
SF Human Drama:3916
SF horror:1694
SF suspense:11014
Nature / Science Documentary:2595
Nature · Science TV program:52780
Screwball Comedies:9702
Show business drama:5012
Showbiz Musicals:13573
Silent Movies:53310
Comedy comedy:10256
Film of ripping demon / serial killer:8646
Soccer movie:12549
Culture and Society Documentary:3675
Human drama approaching social problems:3947
Southeast Asian Films:9196
Spanish movies:58741
Documentary filming the spiritual world as a movie:2760
Sports · Fitness:9327
Sports comedy:5286
Sports documentary:180
Sports type human drama:7243
Sports movies:4370
Spy action:10702
Spy thriller:9147
Stage Musicals:55774
Stand-up comedy:11559
Passionate love romance movies:35800
Passionate thriller:972
Paranormal horror:42023
Paranormal Phenomenon Suspense:11140
Crying works:6384
Teen comedy:3519
Drama for teens:9299
Homer for teens:52147
TV program for teens:60951
Suspense:8933(With sub genre)
Travel / Exploration Documentary:1159
TV Action · Adventure:10673
TV anime:11177
TV comedy:10375
Documentary program:10105
TV drama:11714
Horror program:83059
Mystery series program:4366
SF · Fantasy program:1372
TV program · drama:83(With sub genre)
Urban · Dance Concert:9472
Vampire horror:75804
Werewolf Horror Movies:75930
World Music Concert:2856
Zombie horror:75405

◆ Websites that can display Netflix categories
Also, although the category name is English, there are websites that can open pages of each category just by clicking.

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