"Space" causes future economic crisis


Particles ionized at extremely high temperatures blown out of the sun "Solar wind"Is explosively released and the phenomenon that electromagnetic waves and particle beams cause enormous damage to artificial satellites on the earth and the earth is called"Solar storm"Is called. This solar storm shows the possibility of economic crisis in the future.

Quantifying the daily economic impact of extreme space weather due to failure in electricity transmission infrastructure - Oughton - 2017 - Space Weather - Wiley Online Library

How Space Could Trigger a Future Economic Crisis - Bloomberg View

Solar storms have occurred in the past, and what happened in 1859 is famous. At this time, the largest magnetic storm in history occurred, the circuit of the electronic equipment which was developing was short-circuited, and a fire occurred. Also in 1989, a solar storm of about half the power of 1859 occurred, but in Canada the transmission line network was destroyed due to the influence of the magnetic storm and 6 million people were able to use electricity for 9 hours He said that he was going to spend it. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, even the power of the solar storm that occurred in 1989 was "things like thousands of nuclear explosions occur at the same time".

ByNASA Goddard Space Flight Center

In the report "Space Weather" announced on January 17, 2017, in the futureSolar stormSuggested the possibility of serious damage to the economy of the United States and the world. The damage caused by the solar storm is the most moderate expectation that the economic loss of 6.2 billion dollars a day (about 71 billion yen) a day, in the worst case the $ 41.5 billion a day (about 4.7 trillion yen) will be born.

In 2016, due to the large hurricane Matthew and the flood in Louisiana state, the United States suffered damage due to the second largest weather in history following 1980. The total damage amounted to 46 billion dollars (about 5 trillion 300 billion yen).

However, damage caused by solar storms will be greater than damage caused by hurricanes and floods. For example, GPS, satellite communication service, electronic communication serviceCorona mass emissionIt is considered to be in a dangerous state due to the phenomenon that plasma masses are emitted from the sun. Also, the transmission network is considered to be most influenced by the solar storm, changes in the earth's magnetic field will hinder the current, and the high voltage transformer will fuse the fuse. High voltage transformers are not only expensive but also huge, so replacement work is difficult, and the idea that it will take five months before new ones are installed. The Cambridge Risk Research Center predicts that, if electricity is lost by the solar storm, the damage on a global scale will be $ 141 billion to $ 613 billion (15 trillion yen to 70 trillion and 57 billion yen) in five years I will.

Ian Muttoo

In addition, although solar wind occurred in July 2012, it stayed only to gaze without directly hitting the Earth. The solar storm at this time is more powerful than the one in 1859, if you hit it"To retreat contemporary civilization in the 18th century"It was said. The possibility that such a solar storm will hit the Earth in the future is fully conceivable.

It is impossible to avoid solar storms, but it is possible to build a system to quickly sense and alert the solar storm. There is also a method of launching a special satellite to observe solar storms, and Bloomberg says the importance of taking measures in advance. "It is fortunate that we have not been hit by a big sun storm so far." "Taiyo Arashi will happen someday, I do not know what it means" When is it? ", The Space Weather Team of the European Space Agency Juha-Pekka Luntama, leader of the company.

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