Trump Next President Official Chrome Extension "RealDonaldContext" to Fact Check if Tweet Account Tweet Account is True

The Washington Post has released Chrome extensions for the first time in American media. What was released was "RealDonaldContextIt is an extension function named Automatic, automatically playing cards and trumps of the official Twitter account of the next president's tweetFact checkIt is supposed to do.

Washington Post automatically inserts Trump fact-checks into Twitter | Ars Technica

Philip Bump, a reporter at the Washington Post, released the Chrome extension "RealDonaldContext" to fact check the president's next official Twitter account tweet content. Adding this extension to Google Chrome will automatically add a fact check of the tweet content displayed under Twitter account of the next trump president under Tweet.

If you actually add "RealDonaldContext" to Google Chrome, please do the following.

RealDonaldContext - Chrome Web Store

Fly to the link above and click "Add to + CHROME" on the upper right of the screen.

A confirmation dialog like the one shown below appears on the screen, so click on "Add extended function".

A small trumpet president's face will appear in the upper right corner of Google Chrome.

Another thing is Trump's next president's Twitter account@ RealDonaldTrumpOpen up, just display the tweets OK. Fact checks will be displayed additionally at the bottom of the tweet, but fact checks are not added to every tweet.

For example, in the case of the following two tweets, the tweet said, "Even if we are not ordered to do so by law, in order to offer all the time to the president's position I will be on January 20th (the day when Mr. Trump gets in the president ) My two children, Don and Eric, and other executives will be running (future trump and organization) as I will It is written that a new deal will not be done while it is an official of the cards and organizations, "according to the police that the next president who runs a hotel or casino business will be disadvantageous to the cards organized by himself Whether it can be executed or not "Conflict of interest"Tweets are explaining about it.

If you view this tweet with Google Chrome with the Chrome extension "RealDonaldContext" added, a fact check will be added to the bottom of the tweet as shown in the screenshot below. The subject of the fact check is "The important part is missing", and as a commentary, Mr. Trump said "on December 15," a press conference to explain how to avoid conflicts of interest However, the press conference was suddenly canceled, and Mr. Trump said that he abandoned the title title of card trunk organizations, said, "How Mr. Trump is the president's decision is his own business Will you guarantee that you do not bring undue profits to the customer? "" There is only a question left "There is an additional sentence.

About the fact check added by "RealDonaldContext", Ars Technica of foreign news media, "The fact check added to the tweet is only a simple headline and a brief explanation, but if you follow the link, the article of Washington Post will be displayed , It will be easier to understand the context of the surroundings. " According to Mr. Philippe, the producer, it is said that the fact that the tweet content of the next trump president is correct in light of facts and that fact checks are not displayed on tweets before late November is.

In June 2016, the next president of Trump tells that his presidential campaign team has invalidated the Washington Post press certificateAnnouncementDid. At this time, the next trump president said on Washington Post by Facebook post, "It is incredibly incorrect coverage of the election game of the trump camp that has recorded record results" I was criticizing.

Mr. Bump explains that the release of "RealDonaldContext" was not made in response to criticism from the next trump president, Budap said on Twitter "I came up with this morning".

"RealDonaldContext" was released inAcquired Washington PostAmazon's Jeff Bezos CEO met with CEOs in technology industry such as President of the next trump, CEO of Apple Tim Cook, CEO of Terra Earon Mask, CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadera, CEO of Alphabet's Larry Page It was two days later.

As Washington Post is the first Chrome extension "RealDonaldContext", Mr. Bump automatically displays how the price of the product will change due to tariff measures announced by the next trump president We released an extension called "Add the Trump Tariff" that will do it individually.

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