There is an area called "Zone of Dest" that is not guilty of killing people

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America'sYellowstone National ParkToZone of Death (zone of death)There is a zone called called. Even if you kill a person, Zone of Death does not become a crime and there is a possibility that "complete crime" may be established. A commentary movie is released on YouTube as to why such a thing happens.

How you could get get away with murder in Yellowstone's "Zone of Death" - YouTube

Yellowstone National Park is mostly in Wyoming Province (yellow), but some belong to Montana State (light blue) and Idaho State (blue).

At this time, the part belonging to Idaho is about 50 square miles (130 square kilometers), but it is called "Zone of Death", and the murderer becomes a loophole of the law to escape sin It is.

As for what it means, Yellowstone National Park has a gap in the jurisdiction of the state and the administrative office to which it belongs. Initially the Yellowstone National Park was founded in 1872, before Montana State, Idaho State, Wyoming State.

From 1872 until now, Yellowstone National Park is the property of the federal government.

The United States dominates the ownership of the federal government, but only Yellowstone National Park spans multiple administrative areas.

In 2005, Professor Law Professor Brian C. Kalt published a paper entitled "Complete Crime". This pointed out that by using Yellowstone National Park, a perfect crime is established that is not guilty of even a person committing murder.

According to Kalt, even though Yellowstone National Park belongs partly to Montana State or Idaho State, the whole park is the jurisdiction of the district court of Wyoming State.

Here, Mr. Kalt raises a doubt that "What will happen if the criminal is caught in the area of ​​50 square miles belonging to Idaho?"

Since Yellowstone National Park is within the jurisdiction of Wyoming State, caught offenders are first sent to Cheyenne, the capital of Wyoming Province. Cheyenne is the center of the Wyoming State District Court.

However, Article 3, Paragraph 2 of the American Constitution states that "State in which the crime was madeWe have to do it. " Therefore, the murderer can appeal that "the trial must be done in Idaho State."

By this assertion, the murderer will be transported to Idaho State. Transportation itself is not difficult.

However, Article 6 of the United States Constitution amendment states that "the accused is subject to a prompt public trial, conducted by a fair jury of the state in which the crime was made and the district prescribed by law in advance, and the nature and cause of the accused fact I have the right to be notified about "and." The problem here is that "A fair jury of the state in which the crime was made and the district prescribed by law in advanceWords.

Normally, the "state" in which the crime was made and "the area prescribed by law in advance" are in agreement, but the land of 50 square miles in the Yellowstone National Park belongs to "Idaho State" while "Wyoming State" It is within the jurisdiction of. Therefore, the followingVenn diagramIt is necessary to pick a jury from the overlapping part of Wyoming State and Idaho state indicated by.

In other words, the jury must be selected from the part of Idaho State in Yellowstone National Park, but the problem here is that no one lives in the area.

In other words, if you follow the law, you will not be able to make a trial because the jury is absent and you have to release the murderer? It will be. Mr. Kalt suggested numerous solutions to this problem, but none of them have been implemented yet, loopholes in law continue to exist.

The most practical solution is to make the parts of Yellowstone National Park belonging to Wyoming State within the jurisdiction of Wyoming State and the parts belonging to Idaho State and Montana State within their jurisdiction, We will re-draw the boundary line ".

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