"The search box will disappear after 10 years?" Microsoft researchers talk about the prospects of the IT field in 2017 and 2027

Technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), will evolve at astonishingly rapidly every day. Microsoft's female researchers supporting such computer science fields talk about the prospects of 2017 and 2027 of the fields that they research.

17 for '17: Microsoft researchers on what to expect in 2017 and 2027 - Next at Microsoft

◆ Researcher of natural language processing

· Outlook for 2017
Language related applications developed by Microsoft are said to be increasingly multilingual in 2017. Not only is Microsoft adding more languages, but also that it will challenge the translation of more advanced languages, such as "British Spoken Spanish" and "French Talking Arabic" It is said that it is also.

· Prospects for 2027
In 2027, a language model that "artificial intelligence (AI) system deduces and human beings can easily communicate with is established," Karika, a female researcher says.

◆ Developers of machine learning algorithms

ByJiuguang Wang

· Outlook for 2017
"Deep learning will be changing to many of our skills," said Jennifer, developer of machine learning algorithms. But for the most part of today's deep learning algorithmheuristicIt is based on experience and intuition by pioneers in the same research field. And in 2017, he says that deep learning and the many algorithms it creates will bring a more sensible understanding. In addition, he commented that understanding of deep learning will progress not only in the field of computer science but also from knowledge from various fields.

· Prospects for 2027
Jennifer says in 2027 that the evolution of machine learning algorithms "human living level has been amazingly enhanced by AI and machine learning algorithms." And the biggest progress in the next decade is that current inequality and ambiguous algorithms may be fair and clear.

◆ Information Retrieval Researcher

· Outlook for 2017
"Search andInformation searchIt is obvious that deep learning technology in the field shows remarkable progress, "says Susan, an information search researcher. Over the past few years, Microsoft has been fusing data and computer power with the architecture of new deep learning in various fields such as speech recognition, image recognition, natural language processing and so on. Evolution of the deep learning model continues in 2017, the quality of the web search is improved, understanding of more general sentences advances, etc.

· Prospects for 2027
About information retrieval in 2027 Ms. Susan talks about a bold prospect that "the search box will disappear after ten years." Susan predicted that the search box would be more functional and replaced with universal one. Furthermore, the beginning of 'change of search box' says that it can be seen with speech recognition assistants such as mobile terminals and smart home related devices. These trends will continue to accelerate, and a search function will be born to derive more sophisticated answers from various information such as sounds, images, images and location information.

◆ Developer of VR

BySamantha Cristoforetti

· Outlook for 2017
"In 2017, we will release VR devices featuring body tracking," said Gonzales, the developer of VR related technology. According to her, being able to realize virtual avatar from the perspective of the first person seems to be an excellent point of VR device Microsoft will release.

· Prospects for 2027
We will be building an excellent VR system that can simulate multiple sensations by 2027, says Gonzales. Existing VR devices are devices that only stimulate audiovisual sensation, but it is expected that evolved VR devices will be able to stimulate not only visual and auditory sensations in the future.

◆ Researcher of Sociology

ByKevin Dooley

· Outlook for 2017
According to Mary, a sociologist at Microsoft, sociologists and computer scientists cooperate to develop "cultural, economic, political"Filter bubbleWe are developing a new method to measure ".

· Prospects for 2027
"By about 2027, about 30% of adults in the United States will get jobs using products and services that use AI," Mary said. The labor force making full use of AI becomes a social safety net for technologies under development and public policy and sociology will play an important role for products and services that make use of such AI blend into society It is said that.

Thus, researchers in multiple fields cite deep learning and AI as keywords, which shows the high degree of attention.

ByDick Thomas Johnson

The reason why Microsoft asked only "female researchers" about future prospects is that more women are hoping that more women will be active in the field of computer science in the future.

The first reason Microsoft recommends women to "learn computer science" is that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that "1.4 million computer-related workers are born by 2020, learning computer science in that There are as many as 400,000 students availablePredictionI am in that. In other words, if Microsoft learns computer science, Microsoft thinks that it is less likely that future workers will be in trouble.

Secondly,National Association of Colleges and Employers"Although computer science is one of the most expensive degrees, the programming profession is a job whose number of employment is twice as large as the national average of the United States"Publish survey resultsSince the. In other words, the second reason is that "Because there are still a lot of workers in the computer science field now".

And the third reason is that women hold a bachelor's degree in college but 57 percent are female, but women have only 12 percent of computer science degrees at major research universitiesNational Center for Women & Information TechnologyBecause it is clarified by investigation of. In other words, Microsoft thinks that "more women should advance into the field of computer science".

The problem is that I do not know how women are successful in the computer field, but in order to bury it, Microsoft has asked female researchers who work in their own research organization in 2017 That is why I was listening to the outlook and the prospects after ten years.

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