Coffee maker "GINA" that you can enjoy while checking how to put in various coffee in the digital scale built-in & application interlocking

A smart coffee maker that has become able to adjust the time to put in coffee from the smartphone application and to make a watering coffee collaborated with the technique to put coffee used for a long time and the latest digital equipment "GINA"is.


You can tell what kind of coffee maker 'GINA' is in one shot by watching the following movie.

GINA: Smart Coffee Instrument - YouTube

In addition to weighing coffee when putting coffee,French press,Poor over, Smart coffee maker capable of putting in different coffee such as cold drip (watering out) ......

It is GINA.

GINA is a coffee maker that connects to a smartphone and extracts coffee using a special application. First of all, I choose how to put coffee.

If you choose cold drip, you can set how long you will soak the coffee beans in water.

Because the digital weighing machine is installed on the bottom of GINA, coffee beans and ...

It is possible to display on the smartphone real-time information such as "What grams of water or hot water" or "How many milliliters were poured?" In other words, even if you do not measure the amount of coffee beans or pouring water, you can measure it in the stage of entering GINA.

The valve is made of steel

In the case of cold drip, if you set "How many drops of water drops will drip per second?" ...

It will tell you how long it will take to finish the watering coffee. Since it can be set quite finely, it makes it possible to make his own ideal coffee.

GINA looks like this and it's pretty simple. It is possible to use up to 80 hours with built-in battery, charging with Micro-USB cable, and being able to use wirelessly.

Maximum 750ml If pore over,

For cold drip you can make up to 580 ml of coffee at once.

The main body of GINA is made of steel, and a digital measuring instrument is built in.

The funnel part is made of ceramic.

High-quality glass is also used for glass.

Tell me the time to complete the extraction if you put in coffee using a special application ......

You can drink the best cup.

On YouTube you can also see how to use coffee in three different ways using GINA.

How to make pour-over coffee with GINA - YouTube

How to make immersion coffee with GINA - YouTube

How to make cold drip coffee with GINA - YouTube

Such GINA is now looking for investment at Kickstarter of the cloud funding site. Although the target amount of GINA is 50,000 dollars (about 5.6 million yen), it is almost certain that the product is already commercialized since it has gathered 370,000 dollars (about 41 million yen) at the time of article creation. If you want to get GINA, you can call "EARLY BIRD (remaining 265 frames at the time of article creation)" which is a capital of 160 dollars (about 18,000 yen), or "175 dollars (about 20,000 yen) KICKSTARTER SPECIAL (unrestricted) "if one invests in OK. Attention is required because delivery to Japan requires 50 to 200 dollars (about 5600 to 22,000 yen) separately.

The deadline for investing in GINA is 22 o'clock on Saturday, December 17, 2016.

GINA: Smart coffee instrument / by GOAT STORY by Anze Miklavec - Kickstarter

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