Elijah Wood laughs at "FINAL FANTASY XV (FINAL FANTASY 15)"

A new trial version was just delivered on November 11 "FINAL FANTASY XV (FINAL FANTASY 15)", That"Lord of the RingFamiliar with the role of FrodoElijah WoodAnd the comedian'sConan O'BrienAre playing together.

* Play movie is beyond spoiler as it is beyond the trial version of Final Fantasy 15

Clueless Gamer: "Final Fantasy XV" with Elijah Wood - CONAN on TBS - YouTube

Playing is the latest work of the Final Fantasy series which has many fans all over the world "Final Fantasy 15".

Conan O'Brien on the left and Elijah Wood on the right. Elijah said he likes games.

That's why I started the game. Mr. Conan immediately says "It is similar to" Middle-earth "of Lord of the Rings", and I can put Tsukkomi in Elijah.

At the beginning, the main character Noctis separates from his father, "Good luck to a Japanese nightclub" and Conan.

Then the scene where the cars on which the main characters were on were broken down.

The characters of the game began pushing the car by hand, and "Two is what?"

Mr. Conan who is confused "Is not it a magical journey?" "Confusing the car?" Connan asked the official of Final Fantasy 15, "Why are you pushing the car?", This expression.

Next is Scene where Noktis came to the shop. Elijah said "I came to buy a potion, but I do not have any money," an atmosphere familiar with the Final Fantasy series.

Next is Sydney.

Undertake a quest ......

I will run out of the wilderness as it is.

Scene where Noguchis and Ignis talk.

When the screen switches, the characters are preparing for the camp, and "Wait a moment, where did you put out?" Elijah. Conan, on the other hand, reacts to "It is a very deep pocket".

Furthermore, the scene flew and came to the Venetian style.

Here we are going to purchase a wedding dress from the story development.

Expressions of two people who are confused as "Will you buy a dress in the game?"

At the beginning of the game are the heroes who were riding in the car, but comments that stakeholders can also ride on Chocobo. Elijah who eats up on this word "chocobo".

Then ride the chocobo and run in the wilderness.

Looking at the NPC standing in the wilderness "Kevin Spacey!" And Conan. It seems I can not keep up with the game at all.

Suddenly the battle with huge monsters began.

To opponent too big monster ... ....

Both of them also said "What is this?"

The battle is over.

However, when I hear the story, it seems that it will take three days for a battle with a huge enemy monster, and they are amazed.

And, Mr. Conan said "I can not play so much ... ..." this expression.

Although I was playing games while complaining about anything, I seemed to like it (?) In the end.

In addition, the movie is the American cable TV stationTBSSome of the content broadcasted on "Conan" which is one of the popular programs of the show is the official Youtube account has released.

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