In order to recruit "sighting information" of homicide at the time, an attempt was made by the police to broadcast e-mail to people who were around the crime scene

When accidents or incidents happen, searching for eyewitnesses often yields potent information that leads to solutions, and is considered one of the most important investigations. However, it is difficult to find eyewitnesses, but in general it is common to take a passive approach of placing signs on the scene and waiting for the witnesses to take turns, but in Canadian police, witnesses Attempts are being made to utilize the message of the mobile phone to give him a name.

Ontario police will use text messages as new way to find killer

A corpse of a 65-year-old man, Frederick Hatch, was found on December 17, 2015, at the side of Erin's highway in Ontario, Canada. Mr. Hatch was believed to have been traveling from Ottawa to Erin while hitchhiking on the highway named Highway 7 and was asserted that he was involved in the incident and was killed during the journey.

As a result of police investigation, Mr. Hatch was the last to be caught by security cameras in the place called Melville, which is about five hours by car from the murder scene, it was not possible to trace the track of Hatch after that, The investigation was difficult. We recruited eyewitnesses to find someone with information about the case but did not succeed.

Therefore, the Ontario police applied for an investigation warrant to the court to ask the cell phone carrier to submit "the number of the mobile phone whose radio wave was confirmed at the time of the incident site" at that time. The court acknowledged the validity of the police investigation warrant claim, and within the range from Melville, Ottawa to the West Hunt Club, between 12:30 and 15:30 on December 16, 2015, for mobile phone carriers, We requested to disclose telephone number information of the terminal that sent and received Ping between the telephone towers of the telephone carrier.

Information submitted by mobile phone carriers is limited to telephone numbers, and any other information that can identify individuals, such as the name and address of the contractor, will be lost. As a result, more than 7,500 phone numbers were submitted to the Ontario police. Ontario police sent SMS to the number submitted from cell phone carrier. The SMS message is written in English and French, and the content is "Can you access the investigation special page from the described URL and answer simple question about the incident?" Cooperation with the questionnaire is done completely and arbitrarily, and even trivial information about the case is acceptable so we are asked to cooperate.

From the information of the mobile phone, the method by which the investigation agency approaches the owner of the mobile phone and ask for the sighting information to be provided can narrow down the scope of the witnesses successfully and the possibility of efficiently collecting useful information Because it is hidden, it seems that you can expect the effectiveness in the investigation. However, opinions are also issued that lawyers who hold criminal defense have problems as if it is unclear whether they possess the trial evidence ability of the information arbitrarily obtained by the questionnaire.

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