Awesome tour course to follow all the pubs in the UK with a single stroke

The British pub, which is the pub in Japan, is not simply a place to drink alcohol but has an important role as a community venue for communities, and there are also multiple pubs in the countryside away from the city I will. A course that traces all the pubs in Britain with a single stroke and with the shortest route was created.

UK Pubs Traveling Salesman Problem

The research team of the Department of Mathematics at Waterloo University in Canada finds the problem of seeking the shortest route of the route by going around several places at onceTraveling salesman problemOne way to solveConcordeWhenLKHUsing,Pubs GaloreCalculate the shortest route around the 24,727 pubs registered on the website introducing the British pub called " And we released a map describing the shortest route.

The route released by the investigation team is kore. The blue color route covers not only the Great Britain Island but also the place which sandwiched the sea such as Northern Ireland and Isle of Man.

When you display all the pubs on Google Maps, you can see that there are pubs that can not see the map. Clicking on the following image will display the interactive map, so you can freely zoom in and check the route.

I can not see the route when I look around the London area with markers displayed ......

You can check the route by turning off the marker. It is said that this route is made to be the shortest route even if departing from any pub in the UK.

There are few pubs on Isle of Man with a population of about 80,000. You can see how big cities like London are places with many pubs.

It is about 45,000 km from the shortest route over the British pubs surveyed by the research team. Since the round of the earth is about 40,000 km, the shortest route around the pubs in the UK is about 1 lap and 1/8 of the earth. Although it seems to be a good idea to visit a pub to know the culture of the UK, it is a terrible time to imagine actually trying it, even if you drink a cup of beer in one case, you will have 24 4727 cups I will drink it.

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